Here’s what NOT to do as a Blogger

Heleaux Y’all!

Gosh, the weather right now in Louisiana is so nice this time of year. It’s chilly in the monring and as the day goes by it slowly progresses to the lower 80s.

Now that’s what I call Fall, Y’all!

Currently, I’ve been catching up in the blogosphere! I’ve found lots of new blogs, and lots of new people! I’ve been feeling a little left out for a while, but then I realized, ‘Oop hon that’s your fault’.

So in the span of about two weeks, I’ve followed about 20 more or so blogs.

And in that time I’ve realized a bunch of things new bloggers do, and it’s crazy.

Lots of new bloggers tend to adopt the art of spontaneity

Honestly, I love this. It’s so fun and quirky, and I think it’s a great way to express yourself.

But then there are those less desirable quirks. Yeah, you know the ones. Cringe worthy things that make your mouth go sour.

And you know that it’s their decision and their blog but… Maybe just one comment won’t hurt

Don’t stress it, babe! We could all use these tips! (I might even need them myself…) We should never have to hurt someone’s feelings to help them out! So I’m gonna stop babbling and give you what you should never do as a blogger!

(DISCLAIMER: I am in no way trying to call people out, or be purposely mean. If there is something I said that doesn’t sit well with you, let me know and we can talk it out!)

TMI, Darling.

TMI stands for, tOo MuCh iNfOrMaTIiON!

Honestly, it’s okay to want to give out certain details such as ‘Bert’s Diner is the best! They have amazing Hamburgers!’.

But we really don’t want to know about what you ate for breakfast everyday of the week…. And then maybe how much you hate your siblings, and your favorite show and your favorite episode of that show.

It’s just to much, and a tad overwhelming for the readers! Ask yourself what do your readers want to know, whats new and excieting in your life? Post about that!

It was delish, dear!

I’ve known this forever. Mostly because my older sister complains about this.

Don’t post pictures of your half eaten food.

Just, please, don’t.


Because it’s a tad gross, and not very slightly. Folks, take a picture of your food BEFORE you eat it.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

This looks familiar, hon.

Most new bloggers I’ve noticed have the same exact blog format.

I don’t know what it’s called, but guys, It’s getting a little old.

Being exclusive in the blogosphere is something everyone struggles with, and tbh I do as well! But whenever you see several other bloggers with the same exact formatting, change your own, and get some help with a design!

Also, another thing I’d like to cover in this category is naming your blog. Chances are, if you are reading this, you probably already have a blog. And you’ve already named it.

But is it a good name? (Honestly guys, I’m second guessing my blog name.)

‘My Life’ ‘Diary’ ‘Book’ ‘Lover’ ‘Girl’ are the keywords you want to avoid. Be diverse and exclusive! If you like your name, keep it! But be warned, it’s still a little cliche.

That’s a lot of posts, sweetheart.

Every new blogger does this. (Well maybe every new blogger under the age of 11)

When you just start blogging and you build up that momentum and you just can’t stop churning out posts.

That’s great and all, but please don’t post them yet! You can schedule them for later, so that way you can have a whole month of blog posts set out without overwhelming your new readers!

And another thing, (Nope we aren’t done with this category yet folks)

Your posts should be over 100 words.

I’m just sayin’.

Never give up, Babe.

Here’s just a reminder for all of you bloggers trying to gain more followers,

Never give up, babe. Blogging is trial and error, and evne when you feel like you’ll never make it to the top or you just aren’t good enough,

the top of the mountain has amazing views, and it’s all down hill from there!

Stop looking at everybody else’s progress and focus on you. What can you do?

Hey you!

Thanks for reading this post, I had lots of fun writing it, and I hope you had fun reading it!

If you have a small annoyance about blogging clichΓ©s, no one is stopping you from commenting it, unless it’s super mean, then don’t comment it!

I feel like there’s more I could say, so if you know of anything you’d like to let new bloggers know, feel free to comment down below, and maybe I’ll put them in a post for a part two.


In the meantime, you can share this post for three free fall desktop backgrounds! Just be sure to tell me by emailing me using the contact page!

Until next time,

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