The Feelings Tag – Thanks Reese!

Helleaux Y’all!

Welcome back to Middle Mary! Since this is the first post of the month, I’ll be doing a tag that I was so excited to be tagged for!

Today I’ll be doing The Feelings Tag! I was nominated by Reese, so give her a big thank you by checking out her blog for me!

Before we get started, I’d just like to say that I have 200 Followers! I can’t thank all of you enough! What to you think I should do to celebrate?

The Feelings Tag

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and give a link to the blog. – Thank you, Reese! (We’ve actually done a collab together, Two Book I Like VS Two Books I Dislike)
  • Answer the 5 feelings given to you. – How about no? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Ofc, that is why I’m doing this tag…
  • Write the reason in 5 to 6 lines of why does that particular book come under that feeling. – This should be the most painful tag for me yet.
  • Nominate between 5-12 other bloggers. – I’ll do 6, plus if you want to do this tag I’ll add your name.
  • Give your nominees 5 feelings too. – This feels like Inside Out meets is in a book club.
  • Notify your nominees once youโ€™ve uploaded your post. – I already do ๐Ÿ™‚

#1 A Book That Made You Laugh

(Does anyone ever look over to their bookshelf and their just like, “Hmmm..” ๐Ÿ˜‚)

I’m going to have to say Schooled by Gordon Korman โ˜ฎ. It’s about a teenager who was homeschooled by his hippie grandma named Rain (I can remember rain but not the main characters name???), and when his grandma gets into an accident, he has to live with strangers and go to a real school.

Basically the whole book I was either ‘๐Ÿคฃ’ or ‘๐Ÿ˜”’. It’s a really good book and I’recommendnd it ages 12 to 16.

#2 A Book That Made You Mad

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book that I was like, “Arg I hate you book! YOU MAKE ME ANGRY.” *throws book across the room*

BUT, I’m going to have to say Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing ๐Ÿข, because I hate this one character. The mom!

She is totally oblivious to her sons’ behavior. The kid is literally destroying the store and she’s all like,

“Oh we just have to let him throw his tantrums, he’s just angry. Sweetie can you please calm down?๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜˜”

The woman doesn’t know how to parent. Just saying.

#3 A Book That Lifted Your Spirits

Jacky Ha-Ha. ๐ŸŽญ

A girl who found her love of theater, even though she had a speech impediment, she still overcame it in the end. Love, loss, suspicious people (lol), a daring deed, and a really good role model (I’m so cheesy๐Ÿ™ˆ). I was so happy they had a sequel, which I recently read.

Honestly, if you haven’t read this book, what’s the reason not too?

#4 A Book That Felt Like It Was Written Just For You

Sadly, I haven’t found that book yet.

But, one that came pretty close was Auggie and Me ๐Ÿ’•, because I am so much like Charlotte! I can relate to her so much. She’s like my book alter-ego.

I also love all the different POVs, and a POV from Julian?! I don’t hate him as much since I read it, but I mean, he’s still not all that likeable.

#5 A Book That Was Okay

Slider by Pete Hautman. ๐Ÿ”

I didn’t take away as much as I wanted too, and I felt like the kid just got by on a lucky break. But, it was a good book, and I definitely didn’t hate it. You can read it, and you might take away more, but for now, this book was just okay.

Plus, I really liked the characters. ๐Ÿ˜‚


– A book that was way too long

– The book in which the movie based on it was better

– A book with the worst characters

– A book in which had the most unexpected plot twist

– A book you used to like, but not anymore


Life Updates:

I didn’t post last Friday because I got braces!

And since then I’ve gotten pretty used to them, and they don’t hurt to bad, but probably because they have to put more appliances in, like separators or something? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ

And today marks the day in which there is only FOUR DAYS until Unlocked Book 8.5! So to all you Keeper Fans out there, I AM SO EXCITED! ๐ŸŽ‰

Again, thank you to Reese for tagging me!

If anybody has any ideas of what I should do to celebrate 200 Followers, leave your ideas below! And then my next post, I’ll make a poll, and then once the votes are in we can start celebrating!

Until then!

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(I would also like to give everyone a four leaf clover on this unlucky day of Friday the 13th. ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿคฃ)

๐š†๐š‘๐šข ๐™ธ ๐š๐š˜๐š—’๐š ๐™ฒ๐šŽ๐š•๐šŽ๐š‹๐š›๐šŠ๐š๐šŽ ๐™ท๐šŠ๐š•๐š•๐š˜๐š ๐šŽ๐šŽ๐š— ๐Ÿ‚โ˜•

Heleaux Everyone!

It’s ya girl Mary back with a special post about why I, as a christian, do not celebrate Halloween.

I’m not shaming anyone, or trying to call people out. I’m just speaking out about what I believe.

So no haters. ๐ŸคฃโœŒ๐Ÿป

On an unrelated side note, Keeper of the Lost Cities book 8.5 will be releasing in 18 days! I cannot explain my excitement for this book! I cannot wait one. second. longer!

If you don’t know what Keeper of the Lost Cities is, you should totally check it out! I’d recommend it for ages 11-110. That’s how good it is folks.

Anyway, lets get on with the post! ๐Ÿ˜

(Also, a lot of the paragraphs explaining the history of Halloween are credited at the end of the post!)

We should celebrate life

Everytime I walk into Walmart this time of year, I see Halloween decor everywhere. You’ve got skeletons, tombstones, ghosts, witches, ect ect. About 80% of those decorations focus on death. Why would we, as christians, celebrate a Holiday with so much speculation on death? We should be celebrating life! Life is a wonderful gift God as given us, so we should share life with others.

Dressing kids up like demons and ghosts ect ect is unhealthy for kids! They believe it’s totally okay to be *dressed up* as demonic beings.

Where exactly did this holiday come from anyway?

The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints. Soon, All Saints Day incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows Eve, and later Halloween. [1]

It started out totally innocent. But everyone eventually started grouping it together. Like, New Years and Christmas. You might not have seen your friend on christmas, so you’ll give them their gift on New Years.

But in the article above, it sounds like people just randomly started building bonfires and wearing costumes to ward of ghosts.

Not exactly.

In ancient Britain, the festival known as Samhain was celebrated on October 31st.  It was supposedly a day when dead souls would revisit their old homes. [2]

This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, cold winter, a time of year that was often associated with human death. Celts believed that on the night before the new year, the boundary between the worlds of the living and the dead became blurred. On the night of October 31 they celebrated Samhain, when it was believed that the ghosts of the dead returned to earth.[3]

Now, I like decorating pumpkins in pure autumn fun. I don’t carve pumpkins though.

Turnips were hollowed out and carved to look like protective spirits, for this was a night of magic and chaos. The Wee Folke became very active, pulling pranks on unsuspecting humans. Traveling after dark was not advised.

And as Bill Schnoebelen has noted, pumpkins eventually replaced turnips, but the meaning remained the sameโ€ฆ

Here itโ€™s a pumpkin, but in Europe it was often a turnip, or a skull with a candle in it. This serves two symbols, 1) the lord of the Dead, a โ€œgodโ€ just like a Buddha โ€“ in short, an idol. 2) The fearsome face represented the god, Samhain, who would drive off less powerful demons that night. The lights in the Jack-o-Lantern symbolize the โ€œfaery firesโ€ or โ€œWillโ€™o the Wispsโ€ which were believed to be the lost souls flitting through the night. They also hearken back to the huge Samhain โ€œbalefiresโ€ which were lit to help conjure back the god from the darkness. [4]

Now, you may be thinking, ‘It’s 2020! We celebrate Halloween for fun, it’s not freaky like that anymore!’

Well here’s the deal.

The founder of the church of satan said this, and honestly, I finally know why I get that feeling any time I walk into Walmart during Autumn.

“I’m glad Christian parents let their kids worship the devil one night of the year.”


 For Satanists, Halloween is one of the most important celebrations of the year.  On page 96 of the Satanic Bible, Anton LaVey wrote the followingโ€ฆ

โ€œAfter oneโ€™s own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht (May 1st) and Halloween.โ€

Guys, if this post isn’t convincing you to drop Halloween, I think some of you may need a heart check.

That is possibly one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever heard about Halloween. People can be so blind nowadays, or so stubborn to think that this is totally ok! But it’s not! Halloween is a satanic holiday, in which Christians celebrate freely without guilt.

Q & A

Would you celebrate Halloween if it wasn’t satanic? Sure, I think it would be fun to dress up and eat candy. But, sadly, that isn’t reality. ๐Ÿ™„

But people also say it’s a good way to spread the Gospel. Do you agree? Of course! In fact, that sounds like something I’d do. I have nothing against handing out biblical tracts and candy to kids.

Do you have something against others who celebrate Halloween? Not at all. I wouldn’t have something against someone who doesn’t obey their parents, but people who do it and know it’s wrong, know that gets on my nerves. Point is, I won’t look at anyone differently or be mean to them just because they celebrate Halloween. It’s a matter of perspective and ‘Love thy neighbor’.

Why do you decorate pumpkins and not carve them? There’s a difference between arts and crafts, and warding off demonic spirits. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Is this post meant to shame people? Nah it’s meant to guilt them. ๐Ÿ™„ Actually, no, it’s just bringing the topic to light and dicsussing it, as well as possibly trying to help people out a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If anyone has anymore questions, leave them below please!

 โ€œWhen you enter the land the Lord your God is giving you, do not learn to imitate the detestable ways of the nations there. Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults with the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the Lordโ€.  Deuteronomy 18:9-13 

Thank you all for reading, and I hope you all found the post insightful and meaningful, and that it will impact your views on halloween.

On an unrelated side note, I’m finally getting braces on the 6th of November! ๐Ÿ˜ I’m so happy, and I’ll only have to wear them for two years if I keep the rubber bands in!

And, I took Hunters Education a while back (Sorry if this offends anyone ๐Ÿ™ƒ), and for those of you who don’t know, its a really long course about Hunting etiquettee, hunting safety, learning about firearms, ect ect, and I’ll get to go to a field day on the 8th.

I’ll probably post a tag post on the Second on November, 4 days away! So until then,


Credits: 2,4,

1, 3,


(This post in unedited)

า‰ ๐’ฏ๐’ฝ๐‘’ ๐ฟ๐’พ๐‘’๐’ท๐“ˆ๐“‰๐‘’๐“‡ ๐’œ๐“Œ๐’ถ๐“‡๐’น า‰

Heleaux Y’all!

I know what you’re thinking.

Aw man she’s back??

Yes, yes I am. And I have perfectly good reasons for not posting.

Black People GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Oh haha right.

I Moved!

Upstairs, that is. Not Kentucky or something…

I’m currently in the process of redecorating my ‘room’ (Which you will hopefully see pictures of soon!), which could be going very smoothly, butttt

I also have poison ivy.

One of my first blog posts were about poison ivy, but I have learned how to control it a lot better.

But that’s not the reason I’m here.


Be sure to check out her blog, and give her a follow!

Lets start answering those questions now!

The Rules

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  2. answer the 11 questions given to you
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if you could swap places with a celebrity for one day who would it be?

Honestly? Being a celebrity sounds kind of stressful! Plus, I can’t really think of a celebrity I’d like to swap places with.

one positive thing about yourself?

Whenever I get embarrassed, I usually just laugh it off. I guess that’s a positive thing, but besides that I’m not sure… xD

candy or chocolate?

Candy! Specifically, Reese’s.

favorite art medium?

(Is it bad I had to look that up?)

Probably markers or crayons honestly.

favorite place in nature?

By a lake or in the middle of the woods.

whatโ€™s your favorite riddle?

There is a pink one-story house for sale on the corner of main street, in Wyoming. It is located in a beautiful neighborhood with an excellent school district. It has 4 bedrooms, and 2 and a half bathrooms. The only bad thing about this house is that everything inside is the brightest pink you could ever imagine. Almost glowing. The chairs are pink. The floors are pink. The stove, oven, microwave, and even the food is pink.

The question that we are all asking, is what color are the stairs?

(Comment below your guess!)

whatโ€™s the most ironic thing youโ€™ve seen happen?

One of my siblings being totally upset over a shot, but being fine with a covid test. I hated the covid test, but I was fine with the shot.

cringy memory?

One time I went on vacation with my family, and I was so happy because I was exactly the right height to drive on the longer go-kart track.

And yet, I am exactly the right height. (I was probably 11 when this happened) The thing was though, my sister warned me that I’d still probably be a little to short to reach the pedals and give it full speed. But I was detrended to drive. Plus, I was wearing wedged flip-flops!

I ended up being miserable, and two laps behind. But don’t worry guys, the next year I was totally wicked.

I still cringe every time I hear this memory, because I was so upset, but I couldn’t let it show.

The moral is, stick with the kidde carts until you seriously cannot fit in them anymore.

which two people would you like to see in a movie together? (can be absolutely anybody)

Serena Williams and George Washington.

LOL Just kidding.

suggest a one word story theme.


have you ever pranked someone? if so โ€“ what did you do?

Sometimes I jump out behind a door at night, and I freak out my siblings. But my sister got me back one time when we were at a supposed ‘haunted’ antique store. I went to tell her we were leaving but I couldn’t find her, and no one was up stairs where she was. So I turned out of the booth/room I was in, and low and behold, she jumps out at me, scaring the ever-loving dumplings out of me. She says I jumped at least 3 feet high.


Faye @

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Audrey Kate @ The Junebug Blog

Hailey Madison @

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And you! If you want to do it, feel free to!

Questions 4 U

1. What is your secret talent?

2. What is your favorite weird food combination?

3. What do you love about where you live?

4. What is something you use everyday?

5. Would you rather have orange or green hair?

6. What’s the craziest thing on your bucket list?

7. Do you like Veggie Straws?

8. Cake, Ice Cream, or Chocolate?

9. What is your favorite subject in math?

10. Can you play an instrument?

11. What is your favorite midnight snack?

Thanks for scrolling to the end! I hope you had as much fun reading the answers to my questions as I did answering!



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3 Reasons to go from Blogger to WordPress

Heleaux Y’all!

(Where we come from, EAUX makes the ‘O’ sound)

Today, I’ll be sharing 5 reasons to move your blog to the wonderful formatting that is WordPress. I actually had a blogger blog for 4EverAG, until I realized that WordPress was the much better option.

So here I am, three years (?) later, telling you that moving my blog was one of the best decisions I ever made.

And I’ll tell you a bit more about it right after this announcement!

I am re-doing my blog! I’m changing page names, adding more pages, deleating pages, doing a different design, fixing catagories…. So really I’m just renovating. Of course, I’ll be using my own design, Cool Cloud Design CO, to re-do it.



1. Appearance

One of the main problems I had was with the main design. There wasn’t much to chose from, it was just default, and the main post formatting was uninviting.

I think it’s what bothered me the most is how the backgrounds looked. It kind of looked unprofessional.

Some blogger blogs look nice, but still, difficult to navigate!


2. Notifacations

This is very frustrating. If someone comments on my post, if someone likes my post, someone liked a comment, replied to a comment, or followed my blog, I would have to look at the blog and check, but with wordpress, it’s easily handled with using the handy-dandy notifacation center.

That pink dot on the bell lets me know everything I need to know. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I don’t even have to move from the site. Who wants a billion tabs open?


3. Sleek and Simple

One of the other things I like about WordPress is how it is so easy to operate! I can get wherever I need to go with just a few clicks of a mouse. While with wordpress you have to suffer through the painful search for, “What on earth is a favicon?!” or, “Why is the favicon to small?!”

It’s very confusing.

I love how sleek everything is, it’s like I can glance to the right and see how many views I got. Simple to read too!



That’s all I have for today, Thank you so much for reading and be sure to check out my latest post, Mแƒง Dษพาฝฮฑษฑ Bาฝิƒษพฯƒฯƒษฑ. 

I also I need some advice! Should I still do feathers, or no feathers?

Stay classy,

โ‰กโ™ฅ Mary Elizabeth โ™ฅโ‰ก

The Real Neat Blog Award – Thanks Karl!

Spin Dab GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
Don’t ask why this is here, for I do not know.

Hello Dumplings!

It is I, Mary. And I am here with a tag! First and foremost, I would like to thank Karl Bickerstaff for nominating me. Welcome to the blogosphere Karl!

Click here to get to hisย AWESOME super cool blog!:


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3. Do not forget to link to their blogging website.

4. Answer all the questions they have given you.

5. Nominate 7 to 10 bloggers of your choice.

6. Ask them 7 questions.



What is your favorite board game?

Uhhhโ€ฆ Hmmmm…. Apples to Apples? (Don’t worry, it’s the kids version. lol)

Good Answer GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY
Given the time, what non-fiction book would you write?

I’m not sure what you mean… But I’m guessing a book that takes place in real life.. I guess a book about someone who travels the world. Kind of like a travel journal book. (C) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?

I shall now look this up on le web.

Flint Lockwood Typing GIFs | Tenor

I am back, with my results. I am ENTP-A. Huh.
What food could you eat every other weekend for the rest of your life?

Dude…โ€ฆ…. Oh wait. Five Guys cheeseburgers. Duh.ย 
If A=2B, and B is not less than 7, then why did the chicken cross the road?

Incredibles 2 Why Would They Change Math GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Tolkien or Rowling (choose carefully)?

Is Messenger an option? Because I’ve read neither of those..
On a scale of 1 to 17, how likely is it that this question is using binary?

17? You didn’t say he/she them/they. Is it bad I had to look up what binary means?


i nominate

Mary @ Wild Writing Dreams

Peranna @ Life Without A Latte

Faye J Rose @ Entrees of an Alaskan Journal

Raegan @ Raegan’s Full Mind

Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life

Caryle Krul

And anyone who is wearing blue.ย 


the questions i have for you

When was the last time you saw a meme and laughed so hard you couldn’t breath?

Are you on any other socials? (Instagram, Twitter, Fandom…)

Have you ever eaten a whole lemon?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten?

What makes you unique?

If you had to save one thing in a fire, what would you save? (Besides people)

If you had to dye your hair, what color would you dye it?



That is all I have for you today! Sadness, right? But, I do have good news! On Monday I have a special collab!


I cannot tell you with who though, because that will be a secret between me and them.

Welp, That’s Mary for ya!


~ Mary Elizabeth ~


Top 10 Disney+ Recommendations

Hello Dumplings!

Today I’ll be sharing my favorite Disney + shows and movies, because whenever you’re scrolling through looking for something good, and you end up watching Bambi.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all the classics. But they tend to get a little old whenever you’re watching them every other night.

So I am here with my Top 10 Recommendations.

Lets get started!


Onward | Disney Movies

Guys, this is my new favorite movie.ย 

I could go on and on about it, but here’s the bottom line,

THIS IS A MUST WATCH!ย Frozen 2: The Official Movie Special Book ...

So, I was actually anticipating this movie ever since February 2019. A long time to wait for a movie.

So as soon as it came out on Disney+, I had to watch it. (It was Febuary 2020 when I first watched it. Plot twist lol)

I love the songs almost as much as the original! I think I might like Frozen 2 better than the first.

You must watch this movie! BIG HERO 6 MOVIE POSTER 2 Sided ORIGINAL FINAL 27x40 ...

Oh my gosh, people.

I have no words for the amazingness of this awesome movie.

If you have Disney Plus, stop reading this post and watch this movie.

Like, now!

Why are you still here??

High School Musical (TV Movie 2006) - IMDb

Ahhh! So clichรฉ I know but….

The songs are probably the only reason I like this movie honestly. And in my Quarintine Fever, I’ve been dancing along.


(I’m cool I swear.)

Lady and the Tramp (2019 film) - Wikipedia

*Smiles* This movie was so stinking SWEET.

I absolutely adore this movie so much. The characters, the actors, the sript….

Watch it, and when you do, come and thank me for making your life better.

Muppet Movie' Blu-Ray Arrives on Tuesday

No, I’m not kidding.

This movie is so funny, so entertaining, and over all, has great songs. Trust me, you’ll laugh out loud whenever you watch this, guaranteed!


Big Hero 6: The Seriesโ€”Technology is Unbeatable - Comics by comiXology

With sadly only one season, this series was almost as good as the orginal.

It was so funny, so relatable, and like the movie, it took entertainment to the next level.

Its a great show to watch with your younger siblings, or just by yourself. But make sure to have plenty of popcorn, because it’s going to get crazy.

Girl Meets World (TV Series 2014โ€“2017) - IMDb

Potter Puppet Pals Wizard Angst GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

*smiles evilly* Guys, this show. โค

Is for you, and your eyes only. Because you don’t want to start bawiling your eyes out in front of your siblings.

*cries just thinking about it*

With only three seasons, it feels like it goes on forever, and that you know all the characters by heart.

And now my heart hurts.

Petition ยท Netflix: Put Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Suite Life ...

I had to put both posters, because they are two different series based on the same characters.

Guys, this series is the funniest of them all. It has like, the best ships, the best characters, the best of the best.

Please watch it, I’m begging you.

Jessie (TV Series 2011โ€“2015) - IMDb

RIP Cameron Boyce *triggers international sobbing*

Jessie is a super sweet show, and perfect for the sibs and you to watch.

It’s an amazing show that makes me sob every time I watch the last episode. The characters are so original, and the script is so perfect, it kills me.

That is all for this post, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it!

If you don’t have Disney+, then I would highly recommend getting it, because it is so worth it right now.

Be sure to join my mailing list by clicking the link on my sidebar!

Peace out homies!