Welcome to the guestbook, where you can make your mark, and tell me you visited! I love all helpful feedback, sweet comments, and pretty much everything else.

Just say, “(your name) was here,” and whatever else you’d like to say!

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21 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Lrose5 was here!! I had a blog design question, and Kaelyn said to ask you: How did you make her (kaelyn’s) blog title pink? I have the same theme as her for my side blog, and I can’t figure out how to change it from orange to another color. Have a great day!!!

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  2. Hi Mary! I am not allowed to contact anyone without my mom’s permmission, so this is my feedback for evin and i’s button:

    Mary is a great designer! The button was more than i imagined it would be! I absolutely LOVE it!!! Go to Mary if you need a blog designer!!

    You don’t have to put that on your design page if you don’t want to. Thanks so much for designing our button!! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

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