Introducing….. Author’s Block

Hey, hey, hey! CALLING ALL AUTHORS! I’m back with a big announcement. Yeah, you already guessed.

Another new site!


*Everybody leaves*

Waiitttttt! You don’t even know what it’s about yet! Stay awhile won’t ya?

I explained it all in the first post.

my new novel I’m working on. It’s in the rough draft right now, and I’m still working on the book. I was working on it one day when I thought up an idea, What if there was a site where other authors could help me with my book? Because it’s hard creating characters and fixing plot holes and book covers… ECT.

~Authors Block

You can check it outΒ here.

Authors Block

If you are an author and would like to join, click the link above and it should bring you to the homepage, and you can fill out the form there.

So? What are you waiting for? Go check it out for yourself!

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Ariana’s Writing Contest (Endings)

Ariana's Archives_ Story Tournament!.png

Um okay, so, I joined another writing contest (Can I scream now?). IΒ doΒ make up pretty good* stories in my head, but, my grammar stinks. I think I need to review all of the grammar goodies before I start writing

*as in, okay stories. trying to be modest!

Now that I have reviewed the common grammar mistakes, I might be ready to write.


The Prompt is,Β endings. IΒ  have a great idea!



Did you like it?Β Okay never mind. Bad idea. *Takes deep breath* LETS DO THIS!

Story Rules(Copied from Ariana’s blog ):Β You will be given a word prompt, and judged based on your adherence to it.

There is a word limit of 1,000 words, and any story that goes above this will get points docked off. (See judging criteria.)

All stories must be appropriate, and profanity, and graphic descriptions will result in automatic elimination and loss of the round.

Your stories must be finished within a week. If they are not, you will forfeit the round to someone on the waiting list.

Oof, well, okay! I’m not sure if it’s still open, but I’ll do it anyways.

I think I’m ready to start! Here it goes!

Winter’s End

In the cold of winter, everything is bleak. The world seems covered in thick sleek snow. Oh how I wish, that spring comes again. To be able to climb on a tree’s now frosted limbs. The fire is hot, and it warms me and Mama while we wait for Papa. Worried he might be trapped in the snow, we pray to our Father in heaven to save him from the dreadful cold. I cannot withhold this excitement, for it is now May when things are beginning, and the cold of Winter is finally ending. No more fear of sickness, that can swallowΒ Β us whole. And knowing that our food won’t go old. Yes the world isn’t heaven, and winter will come again, but for now we should thank God for the SpringΒ that he has sent thee. Winter has ended. Not forever, but for now. Unlike when the world ends, it will end forever. Hallelujah to the Lord!!!

The End

Well, wish me luck!!!!! I just sent it!


The Twists And Turns Of Life | Part 3


We tracked down the DNA from the Cigarette, tracked him down, so here we are, waiting for an answer, as to why he stole the Baby for ransom.Β Β 

The Man’s name was Brandom. He was 27 years old, and was wanted in 23 states. He told us the whole story.

It was a night, 7 years ago, my Grandmother told me of treasure, far away. I then went searching, and then I gave up. I went down the wrong road, drugs and alcohol. One day I was dared, to steal a baby from the foster home, and if I did it successfully, I would get 100,000 dollars, and if he didn’t he would call the cops on me. I did it. I got the baby. But then, I found out they were after me, so I dropped the baby on the your porch. Then the people that were after me made me show them were the house was, I did so. And the Cig, well, yes that was me. And I wasn’t the one who wanted the ransom, it was Kenny. He lives on 9747 Oak street. I brought the baby to you because you were one of my Grandmothers friends. Sherry Timothy, remember? “

Justice is still to be served, and a treasure to be found, but the only thing I want to do is keep the baby safe.Β 

We arrived at the so called Kenny’s house. And what do you know, He acted like he knew nothing. But with further examination, he knew everything. He was then arrested. the baby The treasure was found underneathΒ theΒ Statue ofΒ liberty. But that, that is another story. And Brandon was found not Guilty in the eyes of the Judge. And was then reunited with his oh so loving Grandmother. Oh and lets not forget the Baby. She was returned to the foster home and got a Mother and Father not long after. Her name is the most Beautiful.Β 


The End.Β Β 

Twists And Turns Of Life | Part 2

When I got to my Mom’s house, I saw policeΒ surroundingΒ the perimeter. Every where. My Mom was nowhere in sight. I soon heard a Shrill noise coming from the house. I ran inside only to see officers surroundingΒ her. She looked as if she had seen a ghost, Her hair was a mess, she looked like weeks ago was the last time she slept. The officers helped her up onto a chair. The officers asked who I was and if I was involvedΒ with theΒ kidnapping. “No sir! This is my Mother! I didn’t even know there was a kidnapping! Please Sir, might I ask, what happened here?” I asked in fear. I couldn’t grab a thought. They were racing. The officer took a breath, ” Ma’am,” he asked my Mom, “Is this Young Lady your Daughter?” He was eyeing me like I was the criminal. “Yes, yes that is my Daughter. Please Mr. Tell her the story.” She then told a FBI agent to look for clues. Like she was the General Chief. The Officer went on, ” This Morning, your Mother claimed to have a baby on her porch last night, she then went on telling us she had been out all night shopping for supplies for the hungry child. When she got back, she went inside, called you, and then she was attacked. Two men held her ransom. They snatchedΒ the poor Baby out of her hands and ran.Β She never saw them again. We are now looking for any sign of theΒ criminals. “Oh no.” I cried. “Do you know why they took the baby?????” “No, we have no clue, the only thing we found, was a half full baby bottle.” I looked at my Mother, her Jaw was tight, and her eyes were watered with fear. “SIR!” The FBI agent called to the Chief. “We found this!” She held up aΒ  cigarette butt. We found it in the house, it’s still fresh!” “Now hold on,” the chief said, he then turned to Mom, “Do you smoke????” My Mother looked at him with strong eyes, “No sir I quit 5 years ago.” The chief yelled to the other FBI agents, ” Does anyone of you smoke?!” They all replied with different answers, all concludingΒ it wasn’t theirs. “If none here did it, it must be the criminal!!!” I said with a stutter. There was hope for the poor baby yet.


Twists And Turns Of Life| A Story

Hello Followers! This will be a new story Series, for a contest hosted by Rebecca at the Bloggers Project,Β Here. Hope You Enjoy!

The Next part will be on Friday- By The Way.

Life. It takes you on all kind of twists and turns. People, places, things, you never dreamed you would see. You thought you would never have to go on a mission to save a child from harm.Β 

That is what I though as well. This is my Story. By Me, Laura Stevens. Age: 19

It all happened, it was an early one Morning. I heard a ring on the Telephone in the kitchen. I slipped on my slippers grabbed my robe and ran to the Kitchen. “H-hello?” I answered with a stutter. AfraidΒ of who might be calling me this early. My mind started to wonder, Maybe someone was hurt, or even worst, killed. I gasped, and dropped the phone. Wait, I heard my mother’s voice. “Mom? Is that you?”Β  I was very Surprised, Since my Mom never Wakes up this early. “Yes Dear it’s me. A baby was dropped on my porch. I was out all night getting food for the child, and I didn’t get any sleep.” My mother answered. “And you woke up this early to tell me this?” “No, like I said I didn’t getΒ anyΒ sleep. I need you to come over and take care of her.” “Oh I’m sorry Mom, I’ll come over as soon as I can.” “Thank you dear” I then hang up. Looks like I’ll be a baby sitter today. I glanced at the calendar. June 4th, 1977.Β  I went to the TV and turned on the News, The TV blared,Β Roberto Rossellini, Italian film director, has passed on at age 71.Β I sighed. More Deaths. I went into my bedroom to get ready, then I headed out the door.

Well, hope you liked it!

Please leave your feedback it the comments!


A Small Little Snippet


Hey, Y’all! I showed this snippet To my cousin and she encouraged me to post it on my blog. I hope you Like it!


The Little Snippet :


I bit my lip as I looked in the mirror at my boring braids. I had just got of bed too do my hair. I couldn’t do anything with it recently since my brush had snapped in two and the nearest gas station is 28 miles away. So I have two options, Ether braids, Or a faded BandannaΒ with holes in it. As I thought about it, I could smell the faint smell of roses from the rose garden below me, brought in by the faint breeze that blew through my window, as it did my pink and green floral curtains made for me by my GrandmaΒ , Flew up as if someone where holding it.Β Β Braids.


There you have it!! Should I write a second part?? If so comment below!




P.S Did you update your wordpress editor? If so, how’d it go?