The Live, Love, Laugh Tag

Hey! So as you all know Valentines day is coming up soon! Well, 29 days soon. I love Valentines day! Mostly because I love candy, but also because I love being with my Mom when helping her pick out Valentines Day ‘stuff’. I made a tag to celebrate that! Questions from Candy to Family, Cards to Crushes.

Since this is a tag to do with a loved one (Mom, IRL or Online friend, sibling, cousin… ect.), I’ll give you plenty of time to put it together.

Lets get on with the rules!

  1. Β Grab a friend!
  2. Ask your friend the questions bellow.
  3. Eat candy while doing this tag! XD
  4. Tag 3 others to do this tag!
  5. Β Have fun!

Live, Love, LaughTag

The Questions!

  • What is your favorite candy?
  • Who was your first crush?
  • What is an inside joke that you and your friend share?
  • Do you like to make homemade cards?
  • Do you like to shop for Valentines day?
  • What is the silliest thing your sibling has ever said?
  • Do you know your friends favorite candy?
  • What is one of your favorite Valentines Day memories?

I herby Tag these fine bloggers for this tag.

Diamond @ 12% Of A Plan

Laura @ Lula Boo

Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life

Have fun!Β 

~Mary Elizabeth~

Waddup 2020. It’s About Time You Come Around.

WADDUP DUCKS? (I think I found y ‘all’s 2020 name!)

So if you remember, last year I posted a 2019 goals post! And today I will be looking over those and making new goals! Goals are good because it keeps you motivated and also helps you to keep track of what you’ve been up to this year!

If you haven’t read the post, I’d suggest you to go there right now and readΒ  it. YOU CAN FIND IT BY CLICKING THE ‘DUCKISH VIBES’ LINK BELOW!!


  • Blogging:
    Reach 80 Followers, CHECK! 87 FOLLOWERS!! YAYE!! TYSM!
    Post at least once a week…. Hummmm. No. XD
    Do a giveaway… I think….. YES! I DID DO A GIVEAWAY. It was the, ‘One Whole Year’ giveaway!
    Follow more blogs. 209 Followed sites!
    Find a collaboration blog to post on.Β I did! I found two! The Bloggers Project, and Golden Medallion!
    post more on Forever AG.Β Yes, I think. I did post lots more than I did in 2018!
    Do a couple of book reviews!Β I did do a copuple of book reviews! *High fives*
  • Life: Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Β 
    Go Outside more,Β HA! This one was a fail! Although we did swim in the pool a lot this summer. I get REALLY tan and its make scars pop out more on my leg, so in the winter I’m like, “PLEASE NO MORE SUN!”
    Start a bullet Journal…..Β heh heh no.
    Draw more often….Β Sort of? Not really?
    GET BRACES!!!…Β and i oop.
    Hang out with my little cousin more.Β I think we hung out a little too much… #neverthesame
    Start a scrapbook!(I feel like poppy)Β Nope nope ~nope~
    Go to design collage!Β Nope.
    100 words!Β Well goodie for you!
    go to dance school! (Hip Hop)Β I went to dance school…. But not hip hop. Duh uh.
    Cut Hair short-ishΒ Yasss queen! I did it!
    get my ears pierced.Β Nope nope ~nope~ Every time I see the gun… *shudders*
  • Reading: Read at least 30 books……Β I think I read like, 80.
    Read the new Winnie the horse gentler books….Β I read one of them!
    Read longer books. *points to Keeper Of The Lost Cities* Case Closed.
    Get Another library card (GUYS, I COMPLETELY LOST THAT THING. HOW COULD I?)…..Β Shame on you Mary! (not you Mary) But yes I did do this.
    Start an online book club….Β No…..?
    Get more best friends books (above)….Β I have read them all! *Apluad*Β 

~ ~ ~ ~

That’s it for cringe-a-mania!

Have you ever went over your book reading goal? What’s your all-time-most-loved book on your shelf? Do you like ballet, tap, and jazz? Or would you rather hip hop? Do you think I add to many caps locks? What should I change about my blog? Do you need a new blog design? When is your birthday?? I would really like to know so I can put it in my calendar! Do you like to swim? Do you have a library card? I’m I asking to many questions? (Yea, stop it Mary!) (Not you Mary)

See you later!


P.s Do you know a blogger with the same name as you? (Okay fine I’ll stop asking questions!)


The Hope Of Christmas , Guest Post By Kaelyn

Hey! Sorry this is so late, the holidays always make me forget important things. IΒ knowΒ I should really post this post on that day, but I always forget! Sorry!

Anyway, here is Kaelyn with her super awesome Christmas post, and even if it isn’t Christmas, you should still read it!

Without further ado, Kaelyn!

(P.S Her blog isΒ here!!!!!!)

Hello there my friends!!

It is so purrfectly awesome that I get to write for you all today!! Thanks Mary Elizabeth for welcoming me to your blog!! YOU DA REAL MVP!

My name is Kaelyn and I am the author of the blog, Kaelyn’s Life.
I am very honored to have been asked to write a guest post on my dear blogging friend’s blog!! Thank you Mary Elizabeth and you are truly an amazing blogger and friend!

I am here today to talk to you about something that we tend to talk about this time of year: Christmas!

I love Christmas but sometimes we can get kind of distracted by everything else about Christmas and not what is truly means.

Christmas is about celebrating Jesus coming to earth but it something even more than that.
It is about having hope. Hope for us, hope for others, and hope for the world.
Jesus came so that we could have hope. Hope is a powerful thing and we must not forget that.

Image found on bing

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Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. It also says to place trust. As Christians, we need to put our whole trust in Jesus which can be easier said than done sometimes.

Jesus is there to help us along the way, giving us grace the whole way through.
Jesus is not just some guy in the sky looking down at you shaking his finger at you when you do something wrong. Jesus is not like that. Jesus wants to be your friend, and Savior, he wants to help you and to tell you that you are loved and that you are wanted.

Jesus came down to give us hope and that is part of why we celebrate Christmas.

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Jesus has come to give you hope, to give me hope, and to give the whole world a reason to hope.
This Christmas let us not forget the reason why Jesus came to earth.
Jesus came because he loves us.
Jesus does not want us to die. That is why Jesus came to defeat death and sin so that it will not have any hold on us any more.
Jesus came so that we might have hope and be saved.

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That is all I have for you all today. Remember that we have hope, and the reason we celebrate Christmas is because Jesus came to save.
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them in the comments below because I know Mary Elizabeth and myself would love to help in any way we can.
We love you all!

Taking A Break!

So, I just fell of the face of the earth.

Yeah, seriously, I kinda abandoned blogging. Oop. I’m thinking of taking a break, from New Years to Valentine, and maybe a scheduled post. Kaelyn should be doing a guest post here on the first Saturday of 2019! I as well will do a post on her blog! New Year’s Day is when I will do a post on Bloggers Project.

Anyway. I would just like to say I am still alive and that I will be taking a break. ALSO! I don’t really like to talk about gaming and stuff, but I have a Roblox account and if you want to friend me my username is roastytoasties046. If you play roblox let me know your username and I’ll friend you!

So, bye I guess!


Merry Late Christmas!


The Christmas Of 1952

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My name is Howard. And I live in a snowglobe type of town. Every Thanksgiving Day, the snow sprinkles from the clouds. From the shingles on the houses to my baseball bat outback. The snow sprinkles the town like powdered sugar. So much for Thanksgiving day football.

Every November, I start work at Colonel’s Drugstore east ofΒ  Pipplo Street. I first started work there when I was 14 since Christmas gifts aren’t cheap. I figured the Colonel would be okay with me quitting the job a week before the big day. Boy was I wrong! He threw a nasty fit. But hey, I still quit. I went back to work there 2 years later. But only because he passed away and left his Daughter and 16-year-old Granddaughter, Lynn to work there. Boy was she pretty! The Granddaughter I mean. She let me off the hook real fast when I asked if I could take a break and come back next November. That was 2 years ago, and now things are different. Sadly, in August of this year, Lynn went to New York to join the Ivy League, and now her hag of a mother is in charge.Β 

Today, my Grandmother came to the House to stay with us until January 1st. That’s over 4 weeks away. This year I feel a little like Scrouge. I’ll I want is for my little brother Grahm to do all the work at the Drugstore so I can get 2/3rds of the money, so I can relax and enjoy the season. Well, turns out, Grahm isn’t as responsible as I was when I started work there. He broke a soda bottle and didn’t fess up to it, just because he didn’t want to pay 5 cents to make it up. So I may have told on him and may have gotten him fired. What a great brother I am. But actually, I think Grandma is the real scrouge here. She has really bad hearing, and she yells everything at us. “WERES MA POCKETBOOK?” She’d yell. She sometimes sounds mad, and that sends little 9-year-old Carrie crying. She actually just wants to find her purse. She also turns the television up loud, and you can hear I Love Lucy from the Kitchen.Β 

Also to put a dent on the Christmas Festivities, Carrie somehow broke her arm on the swings at school. Turns out the bully pushed her off while she was in mid-air. Boy, I was mad when I found that out! I ran up to that Jerk’s house and gave him a nice black and blue eye for Christmas. I hope someday he gets pushed off a swing.Β 

Since now I’m 18 this year, I should act more responsibly, and not beat up 14-year-olds. The one thing I hope to do this year is to get my own mustang for Christmas. And every time I ask him he says he’ll give it to me on December 32nd. I walked off feeling happy until I realized something. There is no such thing as December 32nd. Boy was I upset. But then I remembered that I still have Mom’s car, and she’ll lend it to me any time, except on holidays. So when I wanted to borrow Mom’s car on Christmas eve for a date with Lynn, she said no. So I asked Lynn to come over for dinner at our house. She couldn’t contain her excitement, and she hung up. I was hoping for a mistletoe kiss, but instead, I gotta missing toe break up. Why is it called a missing toe break up? Because it doesn’t make sense. I ask for a charming dinner with the family, she hangs up.Β 

That night I stay up until 12:00 wrapping gifts, so on Christmas morning, I was pooped. I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and I have to idea what I got for Christmas until I took a tiny nap on the sea of wrapping paper. When I woke up, I heard a car engine pull up, so I looked out the window to see what it was. It was the mustang! I tightened my robe and put on my slippers. I found a shiny red Mustang, and the engine roar was like a purr of a kitten. I smiled as I ran my hands up and down the hood. I heard my Dad behind my jingling keys. I ran up and hugged him. “Go ahead, Howard. There’s an open road out there. But hurry, up, we got family coming!” I jumped into the car and drove off. Making sure to stop by the drugstore and grab a box of chocolates and bring them to Lynn.

Related image

That evening, the whole family came over, including my second cousin, Chris. He likes Mustangs as much as I do, and once he saw the Mustang, he was shocked. “Wow wow Woah!” he said. “This is amazing!” He lifted the hood and started to mumble about the horsepower. We both went inside to say hello to family members, and start the feast. I spotted Grandma in the corner talking and laughing with her sister Clarisse. They were immigrants from Russia, and they laughed about the Christmas of 1922. She talked about how their Mother burnt the roast ham. I decided to walk up and say hello to Great Aunt Clarisse. She gave me a glare when I offered my hand and said hello. What does she have against me? She smiled and offered a hug. That was her way of joking I guess. After I hugged her she ignored me and continued to talk to Grandma.Β 

That night after we said goodbye to everyone, I looked over all my presents and thought, “What a wonderful year.” a grumpy grandma, an angry girlfriend, a hurt little sister, and a beat-up 14-year-old. What a cool year. It was groovy. I picked up a handkerchief and thought about Grahm. I went to my Christmas cards and grabbed a nickel to bring to Grahm. I decided to give him a little Christmas gift for that Coke-a-cola bottle he broke. “Merry Christmas you son of a gun,” I said as I sat down the nickel. He picked up. “Same to you big jerk.”


Merry Christmas Everyone! Hope you like my story! It was exactly 1,030 words long. And it took a long time.

Again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!