Happy Independence Day! #IndependenceDayBlogTour

Heleaux Y’all!

Happy Independence Day, the day we celebrate our freedom with fireworks, hotdogs, watermelon, swimming, and spending time with the fam.

No matter if your in Alaska or Rhode Island, you most likely love Forth of July. I know I do, and I live in the depths of Lousiana, where Aligators and Crawfish roam around and- yeah okay, I’ll stop.

Anyway, I’ll just tell you what I did for Forth of July!

(Also, I know this is late, mostly because my Scheduling glitched!)

I woke up at 9:30, and I ate breakfast, and I talked to my Mom about plans. A little while later, I took a bath. Then I helped get stuff together for the fam, because we were going to my Mawmaw and Pawpaw’s camp, which is on a lake a couple miles from us.

Me and Mom then went to the grocery store, where we bought snacks and a Birthday cake. (We wandered the aisles for a while to find the Little Debbie’s, but then I realized they must be on the end of an Aisle. I was right.)

Then when we got home, we packed up and left!

When we got to the camp, we got all the stuff out of the truck, (I like, ran. LOL, 6 kids and a baby is not my choice of travel) and I went into the camp to say hello to everyone.

Except they were all down the pier, which is like, 120 feet long? It looks longer and feels longer than it actually feels, but trust me, its a long way down, and you can’t run.

So there I go. Traveling down the pier. One step at a time. I notice pink stuff every where, but I think nothing of it.

I finally get there, and I can say hello to everyone! It’s kind of cool, in the temperature way. I decide to go back down and help Mom carry in bags.

La de da de da, down the pier we go again.

“Are you going to fish?” I hear my Pawpaw say.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe!” I say, but the answer is really no. But if I say that he’ll look at me like I went to China just to watch TV.

I reach the cabin, and I help unload. I grab my bag that I brought (With books in it) down to the pier. I get out a chair to read, and I don’t sit down. Why? There’s a spider on the chair. I do not want to sacrifice the book I was reading so I just kind of sat there. Waiting. until finally I decided just to shake the chair. The spider is missing. The spider is probably still on the chair. I bring the chair to the middle of the pier, where all the adults usually are.

I snap it with a rag and it falls off. Victory. I start to read. Everyone comes down to the pier now. About 30 minutes later, I go back down to camp. (I have a bad reputation for not being able to decide where to go)

As I am happily walking back, I see it. A snake (I typed Snack on accident lol), on the pier. In a panic, I decide to jump off of the pier and unto the muddy ground. Now I am in a snake infested area. I can’t move because there is muddy all around me, so I go back unto the pier, a couple feet away from the snake, and run back to tell everyone about it.

“Oh okay.” They all say.

Then my five- excuse me, six, year old cousin and my sister walk back down the pier, ignoring me and what I say.

They make it. With no snake in their path. I walk back down the pier too, running past where the snake was.

My Pawpaw say me and told me not to run. I said Yes Sir, even though I could’ve said,


Anyway, I make it into the camp, tell my Mom and my Aunt, and they where a lot more sympathetic. I eat a snack.

Before I know it, it’s lunch time. I don’t bring up the snake. Because they didn’t care last time.

Pretty much nothing interesting happened after that, so lets skip to about Four O’ clock. My cousin says, “Let’s catch you a fish.”

You see, I can’t fish. Hold up, let me rephrase that, I can, I know how, but Fish do not like to bite my hook.

So I put my pole in the water and wait.

No fish. I change fishing spots. No fish. I go everywhere, no fish.

I get tired of this, so I go into the camp to rest.

The rest is boring, so I’ll spare you the details. We go home, we eat jambalaya, and I take a bath. When I get out, I get on my computer and search up the pink stuff on the trees.

Turns out, it was snail eggs, pink and poisonous snail eggs.



SO, what did you do for Forth of July? Do you like to fish? Have you ever had a close encounter with a snake? Comment below!

Goodbye For The Summer!

See Ya Later Aligator

After A While Crocodile!

See You Soon!

Ta Ta!

Talk To You Later!

Bon Voyage!

Adios Amigos!


I will Return, 9/5/2019

Bye Guys! I’ll miss you!

And, I don’t want to miss any wonderful posts, so keep me updated hangouts or Email.






I’ll be on for 1 more day so comment soon!

Pros And Cons Of Having Chickens

Hey Loves! Here is a post I have been wanting to do for a long time now. Mostly because it will be funny and becauseΒ youΒ may be able to relate. I know a bunch of bloggers that have chickens. And if you don’t have chickens, maybe you will consider getting some! Lets get on with the Post shall we?? WE SHALL!


Here is how it works, I am going to 3 pros and 3 cons about having chickens! An easy and simple post to read right?? Great then! Lets get started!


Pro #1: There so sweet!

I love chickens, they cluck cluck. And slowly walk. And peck, and they run… Chicks are very cute too. They are very peaceful.

Con #1: The Smell

The chicken coop. In the summer, it smells horrible! It is disgusting!(It is literately hot poo)

Pro #2 : Eggs

Eggs!! There organic! Who doesn’t like organic eggs? *weird kid raises hand* *cricket cricket*

Con #2: Chores

Great. Just Great. More Chores. And smelly ones too… *Yuck* *ewww*

Pro #3: Bye Bye Bugs!!!

Don’t have to worry ’bout getting to your garden!! Those chickens eat anything in there path!


Con #3: The world Is They’re Toilet

They Poo everywhere!! Since we free range our chickens they get too poo wherever theyΒ  like. Ew.


Well. Guess that is all for this post! Comment down bellow if you can relate too any of these!




Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM

And a never seen before pic for good luck!


(No camera needed)


Camp Photo Dump

Hello Loves! Happy Friday!!! Hope this Ain’t the last day of freedom for y’all. ’cause I start school in mid to late September. WHOOP WHOOP!! Anyway,Β here is an Camp photo dump! Enjoy! (Yeah, I gave up on “Shall we?)





So, there you have it!!! Just a bunch of pictures!! Or is it?????? Never mind, Hope you liked my pictures!!!


Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM


P.S If this is’t enough, you can check out my new pages. *Wink Wink*


More Photos!

Hey!! Here I am with more photos! Hope ya like ’em!

My Maw-maw’sΒ House:


old rickety rakes.




and the old, pet spying on you.

IMG_1730 (1)IMG_1734IMG_1744


IMG_1765 (1)IMG_1792IMG_1793IMG_1794



yes, its old. straight out the 70’s.Β 




My fave:


Okey Dokie! That looks about it! I hope you liked my Pictures!Β my dad just said, Oreo cookies and no milk. that should be a sin. LOL.Β 

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM



Photos I Took

Hello!! So, here are some pictures I took on Sunday! hope you like them!



So, here is my cup at the sushi restaurant!BTW I hate sushi.


Yay! I picked up a lemon!


Ooo! And a seed! (took me a while, but I did it!)


And it rained… So here is some raindrop pictures!


Look! my shadow!


Raindrops on the round pen!


And here comes the nosey Horse, Spirit. Well, Might as well make the best of it. Selfie Time!!!


Black Berries!


And… a foot ball in Mid-Air.


Okay so, I have to go(BC my sister is bugging my saying, Come on Mary!! lets go watch a movie!!) I hope you like my pictures!

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM


Mini Photo Dump!

Hiya! This is just a random, Mini Photo dump. Soo….


Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β  Β Enjoy!



Isn’t It pretty?


A bug’s POV

Just a normal Louisiana Sunset

Bug’s POV

Look! A wood-pecker!





When you have NoseyΒ animals



Looks Like that’s all for thisΒ miniΒ photo dump!

See ya Later!