BFF Tag! A New Tag By Yours Truly, Me.


Dear Readers,

Today I have a tag that I made myself!!! It’s to do with an online friend, a RL Friend or a sibling if you like.

Here are the rules:

  1. Thank The Person who tagged who
  2. Get a friend. Online or RL
  3. Tag the post under: #BFFTAG
  4. Ask your friend 5 random questions like, If you were a superhero who would you be?
  5. Ask your friend questions about yourself like, What was my party theme last year? Or what was my Halloween costume?
  6. Tag 4 people to do this tag
  7. Have fun

Since I created this tag I don’t need to do it. Hopefully this tag will survive!


Natalie Therese @Β Taking The Cake

Ariana @Β Ariana’s Archives

PennyTheBeanChild @Β A Southern Bell (Bean) With Stories To Tell

Nancy Drew @Β Nancy Drew Blog


Now, If you have a BFF that you want to do it with feel free to do so!

Well TTYL for now!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, before I forget, Entrees for my giveaway are still open!


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My Dream Business! / / A REAL Post

Hello My Wonders!!!! As You Have Guessed from the Post title, I will be post about my dream business! And that will be…. Drum Roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A coffee shop/ Book Store! Yes I know, it may sound average andΒ  unbelievably impossible, but I have a dream and I will stick too it!! LOL. #everygirlsaysthis


How else should I show you but with pictures??? Let the Dreams Begin!

(all images found from google)



Image result for cozy coffee shop

I love the stools and the wooden bar…… The the menu is super cool too. I also Like the counter tops. I think the color scheme here is amazing as well. And the floors are nice too.

Image result for cozy coffee shop

Okay, I am getting a tinsey-bit carried away, but wouldn’t this be super cool??Β  I do not like high ceilings,Β  but theΒ Β different level for the seating is cool.(I think this place was on a hallmark movie one time too)

Image result for cozy coffee shop

this would be a neat during the holidays.

Image result for cozy coffee shop

Yes!!! I love Everything about this!!! The brick, the wood, the counter tops!!

Image result for cozy coffee shop bookstore ideas

I like the floor plan of this place, Especially where the books are.


Image result for cozy coffee shop bookstore ideas fireplace

I would like this to be the fireplace and maybe book-shelves on each side, and the tables in the middle and the bar on the wall. And Maybe a painting above the fireplace.

Image result for cozy coffee shop bookstore ideas

Yassssssss!! Just…..*Puts hand over face*. Beautiful. *tears up*


Image result for coffee shop ideas

I reallyyyy like this set up… I wish there was a fireplace though.


Now for some simple ideas…..


Image result for farmhouse lighting

I would like this to be the lighting.. Or maybe the one below.

Related image

Image result for beadboard coffee shop

This would be cute… But, how would that go with bricks???? No bricks.

Related image

Cool stool right? But for People who would rather cushions…..

Related image

Then you could put a throw pillow with a coffee saying on it.



Related image

Image result for black color

Image result for brown color

Related image



Well, That should be it! I hope you liked this post!!

Bye Friends!!

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P.S Whats your dream Business?




The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Hello Loves! Welcome back to my blog! I was recently tagged for the sunshine blogger award!


Thanks To the Lovely, most amazing blogger,Β Lydia!Β Thanks So much!


  • Display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in the post
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog!
  • Answer the 5 questions
  • Nominated 5-10 bloggers you think deserve this award
  • Give the nominees 5 questions to answer
  • And let your nominees know they’ve been nominated!



  1. What is one way you think you bring sunshine into this world through your blog?

Hmm, Maybe…. LOL Moments? Read this post and you’ll find out why I said that. All of my tags I do are funny.Β In someones opinionΒ 

2. Who is someone you admire?

Hmmm, *Looks up to the right* *Awkward silence* OH! I KNOW! My Cousin! (Not going in to detail) * Slides under desk*

3.Β What are three unique traits about you?

  1. helpful?
  2. Helpful.
  3. Helpful!

4. Are you a morning or night person?


5. Do you wear makeup on a daily basis?

GIRLFRIEND! I am like, 12! I don’t need all ‘Dat! (But I want some of ‘dat..Shhhh)

I here By Nominate!….:Β 

AG Doll Dreams


Jaguar’s Blog

And you can just answer the questions I did.



Okay! That seams to be all for now!!!!!


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P.S Go check out my other blogs!

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Collab With Kaitlyn!

Hello Loves!! Me and Kaitlyn are doing a collab based on us giving our blogs a refresh! Lets get started shall we? WE SHALL!




How did you make your blog design?

I did’t. Em And Syd did it @ Em and Syd in the sun.


What theme did you use to create your blog?

My theme is nucleare


What’s your favorite post you’ve posted so far?

Hmmm……. Probably “Poison Ivy!


Really random question, but why did you decide to show you face?

Well, you see, I thought people would like to know what I look like. So, oh, I dunno, if i randomly run into a blogger while going on vaca, she(or he)will know what I look like.


Why did you update your blog?

It really needed it!! And it seemed really common.


what is your favorite thing you updated?

Hmmm, the theme probably.



Okay Kaitlyn!! Now its your turn!!! Look out for Kaitlyn’s post onΒ her blog!!


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P.S Be sure to check out Charis Rae’s GiveawayΒ Here!

More Photos!

Hey!! Here I am with more photos! Hope ya like ’em!

My Maw-maw’sΒ House:


old rickety rakes.




and the old, pet spying on you.

IMG_1730 (1)IMG_1734IMG_1744


IMG_1765 (1)IMG_1792IMG_1793IMG_1794



yes, its old. straight out the 70’s.Β 




My fave:


Okey Dokie! That looks about it! I hope you liked my Pictures!Β my dad just said, Oreo cookies and no milk. that should be a sin. LOL.Β 

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM



Photos I Took

Hello!! So, here are some pictures I took on Sunday! hope you like them!



So, here is my cup at the sushi restaurant!BTW I hate sushi.


Yay! I picked up a lemon!


Ooo! And a seed! (took me a while, but I did it!)


And it rained… So here is some raindrop pictures!


Look! my shadow!


Raindrops on the round pen!


And here comes the nosey Horse, Spirit. Well, Might as well make the best of it. Selfie Time!!!


Black Berries!


And… a foot ball in Mid-Air.


Okay so, I have to go(BC my sister is bugging my saying, Come on Mary!! lets go watch a movie!!) I hope you like my pictures!

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My Answers To Your Questions!

Hello All You WordPress Wanders! Here are my answers to your Questions!


From:Β AGsinalska

1) If you could go to any AG store, what would it be?

Hmm…. New York?
2) If you had 1,000 dollars to spend, what would you buy?

Ooo! An AG doll, a hoverbord, Skates, a movie, a nice dinner(with desert), and….. One more doll?
3) If you had 1,000 dollars to spend, what would you buy that is AG-related.

Come on! the last one was hard enough!Ugh! oh well… Um, five doll pets, 20 outfits and… the kitchen, and the camper? and the cairs. and the bed. and can you give me more money??
4) What is your favorite dog breed?

*Sighs happily* Oh I dunno….. This one,


5) What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

Ooo! in myΒ Last postΒ there was this dress at the end… hope that answers your question!
6) Do you like doing laundry?

Lets just put this down straight and easy.Β NO.
7) What would be your top 3 things to see in Paris?.

1.The Eiffel Tower

2.The Eiffel Tower

3.The Eiffel Tower
8) Fave dessert: ice cream, cake, chocolate, or cheesecake?

Chocolate Ice Cream Cake???! πŸ˜€
9) If you could be any bird, which one would you be?

Phhtt….. Blue Bird? I dunno.
10) If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Alive! Duh!
11) Who is the author you would most want to sit down and have tea with?

Dandi Daley Mackall


From:Β Ariana

1) What is one place, if you had no other place to go, you would go?

My Maw-maw’s house?
2) What is your favorite kind of dog?

I already did this one Ma’am.
3) What is your favorite kind of candy?



From:Β Β Kate

1) When, and why did you start blogging?

Um, I started blogging on a blogspot blog that used to be my sister’s. I guess i wanted to follow in her footsteps. and look where we are now!
2) Who inspires you the most?

3)What are your hobbies?

Blogging(DUH!), swimming, Ridding, reading,e.t.c (AND LOVING EVERY MOMENT! LOL)
4) If you had a million dollars, but you couldn’t spend it on yourself, who would you spend it on?

Ooo! I would donate it to africa, or my Church.
5) What is your favorite drink, and why?

Water or Pepsi, I can not decide. I like water because it keeps you hydrated. and pepsi because it’s so good!

Remember this post??

From:Β Grace H.

1) What’s your favorite color?… No, just kidding… Let’s make this better! Pink with purple polkadots or green with yellow stripes??? Getting creative…

Pink With Purple Poka Dots!
2) Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries or Blackberries?

3) Do you like bananas? If so, do you like them on the greener side, the browner side, or impossibly-perfectly yellow?

I love Bananas!
4) If you could choose to live in an altered world for a day, would you choose to have everything to be upside down, or be able to fly?



From:Β Emmie

Your opinions on pickles?

Your favorite insult?

????????? No idea.
Drought or flood?

No answer.
Spiders or snakes?

have you ever been to new zealand?

have you ever eaten a soufflΓ©?



From:Β Liz

1.) Would you rather ride on the back of an elephant or swim with the dolphins?

Swim with dolphins!
2.) What’s your favorite thing about the house you live in?

Um, that we have an upstairs?
3.) Do you know how to cook very well?

Uh, no. lol.



1. Do you like The Lord of the Rings?

2. What is your favorite book of the Bible?

3. What is your favorite verse in the Bible?

Philippians 2:14
4. Would you rather break your phone/computer or lose one thousand dollars?

Break My tablet.


Well guess that’s all!

See ya later!



P.S this is a scheduled post so when this actually posts I will be on my way to the beach!!Yippee!

P.S.S I will be taking a 6 day hiatus πŸ˜‰