Interview with Author Marsha Hubler

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I don’t know why your here, but I am here to share an interview with one of my favorite Christian authors, Marsha Hubler.

About Marsha:


Marsha is the author of the eight-book best-selling Keystone Stables juvenile fiction series by Zonderkidz. Her newest release for kids 10 and older is TOMMI POCKETS. She also is the author of The Loves of Snyder County Amish Fiction Trilogy, three other kids’ books, a Bible study guide for ladies, and a homeschooling helps book. She has a master’s degree in education, has over 48 years experience in education, and is presently a homeschool consultant in central Pennsylvania. Marsha has always loved kids and horses. She’s been a foster parent and had owned horses for over 20 years. Her “Skye and Champ” stories in the Keystone Stables books reflect many of her own “wild” experiences with kids and horses. She also loves dogs and has two mixed terriers, Sparky and Bailey, whom she adopted from a no-kill rescue shelter. Living in a rural farm area of Pennsylvania affords Marsha the luxury of enjoying her three-acre property with her two dogs. She has a goldfish pond and a gazebo in her backyard. Most of all, she is thankful to God for allowing her to write books. She accepted Christ as her Savior at the age of eleven, and now she can look back and see how God prepared her to write books. She considers it a special calling to write, especially for young people, and shareΒ biblicalΒ principles with which her readers can have happy and productive lives. Marsha loves to hear from her fans and horse lovers. Visit her at or at her two blogs: and

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Keystone Stables

For horse-loving young readers comes……The Keystone Stables series, where a tough foster child named Skye learns about love and forgiveness through a beautiful quarter horse named Champ.

Thirteen-year-old Skye Nicholson has become an expert at making sure no one will ever hurt her again. After her cold and angry behavior and numerous offenses remove her from more foster home placements than she cares to count, she’s headed toward juvenile detention. But then she’s given one last chanceβ€”an opportunity to live at Keystone Stables, a foster home and therapy camp where she meets a beautiful sorrel horse named Champ. As hard as she tries, she can’t deny she loves Champβ€”but her refusal to accept her new foster parents and their Christian faith might mean losing Champ forever.

A Horse to Love:

  • is written by an author who has firsthand experience with horses and foster care
  • is a contemporary and realistic plot, with an inspirational Christian message
  • features a character with special needs
  • contains extensive back matter on different horse breeds, how to care for them, and horsemanship, as well as facts, diagrams, and a glossary of horse terms so girls can better know their favorite animal


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The Interview


1. Can you give my readers some insight on what your Keystone Stables books about?
The eight Keystone Stables books are about a foster kid, Skye Nicholson, who is rebellious and very unhappy when the books start. However, she goes to a loving foster home with Tom and Eileen Chambers, who also have a therapy riding academy, which has to have horses, of course. Through their love and Skye’s love for a horse named Champ, Skye comes to know Jesus as her Savior, and her life is changed for the better. Then she starts helping the other foster kids who come to Keystone Stables.
2. Skye is an amazing compassionate character. And thatΒ is mostly because of horse therapy. Can you explain horse therapy?
Horses are amazing animals. They can sense when you love them, when you’re afraid of them, or when you’re mean-spirited. But well-trained therapy horses love to work with kids who are hurting. They can sense when kids have been hurt in their past, so they’re very gentle and obedient to teach the riders that they can learn to ride a horse; therefore, they can learn to overcome their fears in life and be successful in school and when they grow up with a job and their own family.
3. My favorite character is probably Tanya. Who is (One! Hard to chose, am I right?) of your favorite characters from your books?
My favorite character is Skye because she’s kind of a mix of the 12 foster kids I had a long time ago. I also like her because after she asks Jesus to save her, most of the time she acts like a Christian kid should act, to be loving and forgiving of others.

Most of the time. XD
4. There are a lot of horse characters in Keystone Stables! Where any of them based off of your own horsey pals?
I did have horses for 20 years, and I did have a beautiful Quarter Horse named Coke, but he was a palomino. In book two, the horse is a Tennessee Walker. I had several Walkers over the years, which were my favorite riding horses because they’re so smooth like a rocking chair.
5. What was your first experience like when your first Foster kid came into your care?
Our first foster kid was a 14-year-old girl who was a student in the Christian school where I was the principal. She had major family problems and had to get away from her step dad. She was only with us a few months until her mother got divorced, and the girl was able to go home. But some of our foster kids were with us three years until they graduated from high school.

That’s very interesting!
6. Funniest thing one of your horses have ever done?
My sweetest horse was Rex, half Quarter Horse/half Tenn. Walker bay. He was only 14 1/2 hands high and sweet as sugar. The funniest thing he would do was smell that I had sugar cubes in my jacket pocket and nudge me with his nose until I’d give them to him. He’s gone a long time, and I still miss him terribly. He died of old age.

Awe! My* horse Spirit absoultly adores carrots!Β 

*He is technicly my families horse, but I still love him!
7. Your books have one amazing quality that most horse books don’t have. It’s an amazing book for kids, with Christian standards! Was it hard to get your book published because of that?
It was not difficult getting those books published because God set up a meeting for me with an editor who worked at Zondervan, the publishing company. I met the woman at a writers’ conference, and she asked me to write the series. It was a “God thing.” God has our lives all planned out. All we have to do is study hard, work hard, and pray for His perfect will in our lives, and God will open up wonderful opportunities for us to serve Him. I never dreamed I’d have a best-selling series. There are 250,000 of the series in print. I’m now writing my 21st book in my TOMMI POCKETS series.

That is such a God-thing!
8. Skye often has a hard time dealing with headstrong kids, like Sooze for example. Did you have any foster kids who had that quality?
Sooze is actually based on one of my foster kids whose name is Susan. She was thrilled that I used her name in the book. And the scene where Sooze is on the porch roof ready to burn her house down really happened. That’s exactly how I met Susan and how she came to live with me for a while. The real Susan is now 50 years old and a grandmother.

Wow, that is seriously amazing. I never would’ve thought!
9. Who inspired you to write the first Keystone book?
I must say that God inspired me to write the series through my meeting the editor of Zondervan at the writers’ conference. Up until she asked me to write for Zondervan, I thought I was to write Bible studies because I had one Bible study already published, and I was working on a series of them. Since the Keystone Stables, I’ve written 10 other fiction books, but I’ve never gone back to write Bible studies.

Very cool!Β 



Special Thanks to Mrs. Marsha for doing this interview with me! You can check out her Keystone Stables books on amazon or on

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