Collab With Mary @ Wild Writing Dreams

Hello Dumplings!

Today I will be doing a collaboration with Mary from Wild Writing Dreams! She is such an awesome blogger, and one of my best blogging friends! And if you didn’t notice, we have the same name! I’ll be answering questions she gave me, and later on her blog she’ll be answering the questions I gave her!Β 

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Lets go on with the questions!

What is something you’re really good at?

I feel like I’m really good at acting, but I need lessons. I also like/enjoy singing, and I’m pretty good at it, but not Broadway good. But pretty good. Its hard to explain.

What’s the first thing you notice when you meet a new person?

I notice their clothes, then their hair. Then I look at their face LOL

What’s your favorite drink?

I like to get a peach tea or a raspberry tea from Sonic. But if I don’t have that option (sadness) I get a pink lemonade.Β (I’m so southern lol)

Do you have/have you ever had a crush on a book character? If so, who and why?

*giggles awkwardly*

There once was a boy, whos name was Keefe Sencen. I feel in love at first read.Β  And he’s also an elf so I mean, how could you say no?!

Β (I’m cool I swear.)

Β What skill would you like to master/get better at?

Β Like I said in the first answer, I would like to get better at acting. πŸ˜‰

What’s your favorite post of yours been?

Oh um, probably the KotLCΒ  Tag, or the Woman’s Suffrage post. But sadly enough, the post I get the most comments on is a giveaway. Smh

What made you want to start blogging?

Why did you start blogging? Tell me in the comments!

(Its a long story cut me some slack)

Β What has been one of your happiest/best blogging moments?

When I swapped to WordPress, and I got 5 whole comments! (Pitiful, but true.)Β I was on blogspot, and guys, its the worst platform. No offense, but it truly is the worst. WordPress is so much easier. (I’m not saying your blog is bad, I’m just saying the platform is bad.)


Do you want to be famous? And if so, what do you want to be famous for?

Hmmm yes. I like acting, and singing, so maybe a bit of both. (Watch out Disney Channel, you’re about to get your next Dove Cameron.)Β 

I also like to try new things, so if anything, I’d be famous for that. (IDK where I’m going with this oh well.)


Where do you hope to be with your blog in the next few years?

Hopefully with better content, possibly more followers, an Etsy shop, and a new blog design.Β  πŸ˜‰



Write at least a sentence about why Keefe Sencen is your favorite character (from Keeper of the Lost Cities)

Keefe Sencen is my favorite character because he is funny, lovable, snarky, sarcastic, and he doesn’t let anyone break him. He always finds a joke in everything, (All hail King Keefe of the Dwarves!) and he has flaws.

His hair deserves a whole paragraph, I mean, Keefe puts the sun to shame. (Pls agree I need fellow Keefe lovers)Β 

And I don’t know why people find him annoying! He brightens up the books, and he has not disappointed anyone. We can all count on Keefe to be reliable. (Except for the end of nightfall. I threw my book across the room)

Β Keefe actually cares about Sophie, and her feelings. (He is an empath) Something Fitz has failed at. Fitz is kind of mean to Sophie in Legacy, because he is selfish.Β omgwhy

Keefe cares! So, why I’m I talking about this? Oh right, the questions. xDΒ 


Those are all of the questions! Thank you so much Mary for agreeing to do this collab with me! You’re the bomb!Β 

Thank you guys so much for reading this post, and I had so much fun answering these questions!Β And make sure to check out Mary’s blog if you skipped that other link.Β 

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I Have 12% of a Plan Aesthetics / Diamond’s Blog Tour

Hey! This Is Mary and today I’m letting Diamond do a guest post on my blog for her super awesome blog tour! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!

~ Mary

Hello friends! It’s Diamond, and today I have something very special to share with you guys! Firstly, I recently launched my very own personal blog, I Have 12% of a Plan! If you haven’t checked that out yet, go right ahead! It isn’t much yet, but I have big plans.

Ok, so as you can probably guess, this post is part of the blog tour. I’ve been planning this blog tour for a while now, so I’m pretty pleased to see the product of all my hard work come together. Also, Mary even designed my blog button for me. Didn’t she do a great job?

For today’s post, I have some aesthetics that fit the theme of my blog. I got all these from Pinterest, and I’ll also be linking to the I Have 12% of a Plan board. My blog will be pretty random, so these aesthetics will also be pretty random. I hope you guys enjoy!

Now, here are some of my favorite pins, organized by themes.


For those of you who don’t know, my family has three dogs. The dog that I claim as my own is named Rocket. He’s a Chiweenie (half Chihuahua/half Dachshund) and he’s pretty adorable. Here’s a picture of him:


Now, there aren’t any pictures of him on my board, but there are some really adorable Dachshunds that I love! Here they are(again, I can’t claim credit for these):

Lil' Man


Another one of my many loves, is Marvel. It will be talked about a lot on my blog, so I’ve also included some Marvel pins. Capitã Marvel - Artista recria capa famosa dos quadrinhos inspirado em Brie Larson! - Legião dos HeróisLas mejores imÑgenes del CapitÑn América como fondo de pantalla en tus dispositivos | #UniversoMarvel #CapitanAmericaWhat is the first thing Groot will do after acquiring the Infinity Gauntlet? #groot #iamgroot #gotg #marvel #thanos #infinity #gaunletI am a Disney Princess unless Avengers need me head Mickey mouse shirt#wattpad #fanfiction Thanos estalou os dedos, transformando metade do universo em pó, literalmente. Isso trouxe grandes descobertas para todos, incluindo os Avengers, quando eles achavam que não tinham mais nenhuma chance de trazer todos de volta, uma garota nova em Nova York, Cassidy, aparece e prova para eles que ele... 54 Epic Marvel Memes That Are Too Funniest to Laugh -47

Star Wars

Another thing that I like(though not nearly as much as Marvel XD) is Star Wars. You might see some Star Wars themed posts pop up every now and then.


Oh yeah, here’s another one. I live fairly close to Disney World, so you can expect quite a few posts about Disney World and various Disney movies. (If you can’t tell from the board, Stitch is my favorite)

Related imageSome of my Disney mementos. Ҝ¨Ò€ï¸Òœ¨ Who else has a collection of Disney kee... - #collection #Disney #kee #mementos

Bullet Journal

I started bullet journaling about a year ago, and I love it! I’m hoping to post tutorials on my blog.

GUDETAMA STUDIES Ҁ” beverlymarshs: [3.11] fold the map and mind the...emma's studyblr Ҁ” studyinginstyle: Savoring my last few days of...Bullet Journal Spreads | A bullet journal is a personal tool that can be used to organize your life. Find out what a bullet journal is and learn 5 ways to use bullet journal spreads to organize your life. #bulletjournal #bulletjournalideas #planners #bulletjournalspreads #bulletjournaltrackers #healthywealthyskinny #HWS


Music is a huge part of my life, and I’ll likely be sharing some of my music taste on my blog.

This is so true! There is one song that comes on the radio, and all these memories start pouring in!Sometimes its best just to shut the world out and immerse yourself in the music! ҙ«Ò™Βͺyasss #tumblr #grunge #photography More


Like I hinted at earlier, I travel a lot, and I love it! I will definitely post about traveling on my blog.

10 Best Vacation Spots If Your Missing The Warm Weather #vacation #getawayI Traveled for 50+ Days Last Year and This Is What I Learned | The Everygirl Travel Decor, Travel The World Map Art, World Poster, Wanderlust, World TravelҀ¦


Also, in case you haven’t visited my blog yet, the theme is galaxy based. I think it looks really nice.

The plans would alteration as well, and the shared dream catcher designs thatҀ¦ Over the galaxy of Aurora Lion #aurora #galaxyPink and Blue Magical Galaxy Star Unicode Photography Backdrop J-0373

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Collab With Ariana!!


Hiya Gals! Me and ArianaΒ are going to do a collab in this post!



My Questions:

1.What are your plans for the future?
I want to be a missionary, mother, and a writer. But, I understand that God may call me to different things, but I am pretty sure God calls me to be a missionary and he gave me a talent as a writer-(I am not bragging, mother’s words). XD.
2.what is one main goal you have in life?
To be whatever God wants me to be and be the best I can be. you have any pets?
No, sadly, I want a lab dog!
5.Whats your favorite Question so far?
Umm, #2 is my favorite.
6.what name would you pick if you could name yourself out of these names:
None…I like my name, but if IΒ β€œhad” to…Oliviaβ™₯
7.Whats your favorite Q so far?
#2 is still my favorite.
8.What would you do if you won 100,000,000 dollars a year?
Travel, travel, travel! Also, I would give a lot to people that helped as missionary’s. πŸ™‚
9.If you had three wish’s what would you wish for?
Haha, I don’t know, peace…I don’t know. That is hard!!
10.on a scale of 1-10 how boring is this and how fun is this?
Lots of questions about the collab, lol. 10.Β 
11.if you only had 20 more years to live, what would you do?(in other words, whats on your bucket list?)
Travel, read a lot, and spend time with my family and friends, but also teach about God’s word and the truth that I know.
12.Tell something funny that happened to you recently.

Β Last year a project I did for my online school was worth 50 points type of thing, and I got a 40 on it, and at first I was like oh dear, I failed, but then I realizedΒ β€œ50” was a 100, lol.

13. HOT or Cold?
Β Β Hot? I guess, haha
14. What are you wearing right now?
Β Levi jeans, an Artsview shirt, (where I do all my plays), and my hair is up in a ponytail.
15. What would you rather, 7 nights at the beach? or 7 nights in the smokey mountains?
Β Hum…smokey mountains! πŸ™‚ I love hiking and all the exploring. ❀ It is so fun! πŸ™‚

Blog Shout-Outs!

Three Things About Ariana!

  1. I have no birthmark.
  2. I have done 7 plays.
  3. I am writing five books at the moment.


All Right! Look for the next part on Ariana’sΒ Blog!