End of season sale!

Hello My Friends!!! My blogisvary was a couple of days ago.. (Cue Shouts and cheers). And I have a very special giveaway for you! But first, I would like to share something..

When I was a girl of 9 years old, I wanted to have a doll blog. Partly because it sounded fun and as you guess, I was board. And partly because my sister did it.

So after a whole day ( Maybe 2 days) of begging, my sister finally said,


Yeah so kinda what you would expect.

I started blogging and It was AWESOME.

Or so I thought.

5 days later, I got board with it all Because I had NO followers. So yeah, I got discouraged. (Wait what?? I thought you were Board)

I was literally cryingΒ  to my Mom. I knew other blogs and commented but I guess people didn’t want to follow me??? So, I switched to WordPress.

And almost like Magic, I started getting followers.

And over the Years I got More.

And More

And More

And More

And since I saw so many personal blogs I started one too.

Until finally, here I am.

Sadly, I wasΒ VeryΒ foolish and deleted all my posts off the old 4ever AG.

So yeah That’s the story. XD



Now for the part you have all been waiting for….



Here we have some beautiful Scrapbook paper

A paper clip

Washi Tape

More washi tape?

Very helpful Stickers for when you aren’t to good at writing.

A cardboard ruler. *Face Palm*

And last but not least, (Because the paper clip was the least) Mark-your-place sticky notes.

Here is an overview

Sooooo There you have it! Just fill out the form below to enter!




I just wanted to share some of everyone’s fave pictures from this blog.


And of coarse everyone Luvs my New Mascot spirit!


Spirit happens to Luv dolls.



Well, see you everyone!! Be sure to enter the giveaway!

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM