This Or That? (Cereal Addition)

Hey Hey People! I know I said I wouldn’t be back until fall, but this is an exception! I got this bursting idea so I had to post this!

(I sound like a crazy person) Anyway, I’m going to do a This Or That Post, Cereal Addition! So grab your pens, grab your papers, and lets do this!


Corn Pops

Image result for pop cereal



Image result for honey combs cereal

Honey Combs??



Image result for Fruity pebbles cereal

Fruity Pebbles


Image result for Fruity pebbles cereal

Cocoa Pebbles???


Image result for cereal

Cinnamon Toast Crunch


Image result for APPLE JACKs cereal

Apple Jacks???


Image result for frosted flakes cereal

Frosted Flakes



Image result for mini wheats cereal

Frosted Mini Wheats???

Image result for lucky charms cereal

Lucky Charms???


Image result for cereal

Cocoa Puffs???

Image result for cereal

Raisin Bran


Image result for cereal

Sour Patch Kids???*gag*

Image result for rice krispies cereal

Rice Krispies


Image result for honey nut cereal

Honey Nut Cheerios??


Got Your Answers? Great! I can’t wait to hear them in the comments!!!

(Hopefully Sour Patch kids isn’t on your list) ;P


Sneak Peek on What’s to come,

How To Be A Good Kind Of Popular



Photography Contest Picture / / Hosted By Cassia Elisabeth

Hello My Lovely ( Oh look! A red winged black bird! so pretty!) Followers!!! I am in a photo contest hosted by the beautifulΒ Β Cassia!Β  And today’s picture category is a coffee shop! So here is my picture!


This is such a cute coffee shop, we got cake balls, sweet tea, and my Mom got coffee.

There you have it!

See you soon for the next category!

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM
















Camp Photo Dump

Hello Loves! Happy Friday!!! Hope this Ain’t the last day of freedom for y’all. ’cause I start school in mid to late September. WHOOP WHOOP!! Anyway,Β here is an Camp photo dump! Enjoy! (Yeah, I gave up on “Shall we?)





So, there you have it!!! Just a bunch of pictures!! Or is it?????? Never mind, Hope you liked my pictures!!!


Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM


P.S If this is’t enough, you can check out my new pages. *Wink Wink*


Review:Pineapple Ice Cube Tray!

Hello Loves! Today I have a review of a pineapple shaped ice cube tray!! I went to Walmart with my Mom yesterday and Mom said I could get it! Lets Get on with the review shall we? WE SHALL!



Okay, it is made out of rubber so it is kinda flimsy. But I could get water in it!!


Here we have our finished product.(LOL)Β  It took them about… Three hours to freeze??? Yeah, about Three and a half hours.


Here they are!!! *Que the squeals* They where so cool!(Literately)Β  And the best part,Β  they did’t break when I popped them out!


In My glass!


Over all, They were awesome! I got them for 97 cents! There were 12 Ice cubes. This would be great at a party! I give it….


4 and a half stars

Four and a half stars! I mean there could have been 24 Ice cubes.

What did you think???Comment below!

Signing off,

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM

Photos I Took

Hello!! So, here are some pictures I took on Sunday! hope you like them!



So, here is my cup at the sushi restaurant!BTW I hate sushi.


Yay! I picked up a lemon!


Ooo! And a seed! (took me a while, but I did it!)


And it rained… So here is some raindrop pictures!


Look! my shadow!


Raindrops on the round pen!


And here comes the nosey Horse, Spirit. Well, Might as well make the best of it. Selfie Time!!!


Black Berries!


And… a foot ball in Mid-Air.


Okay so, I have to go(BC my sister is bugging my saying, Come on Mary!! lets go watch a movie!!) I hope you like my pictures!

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM


Old Cereal Boxs

Hi! I know, I know, it is a really random post but I thought it would be cool. So enjoy this post!

Disclaimer: all of these photos are from google. they are not mine.

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Plus:at the end of this video there are some more.


Bye! hope you liked this post!

see ya!