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Hello, Hello, Hello! First things first, the winner of my quiz that you took at my blogging party is…….

Sara Abbott! She didn’t get a perfect score, but it was close! The answers almost everyone got right:

What Historical Figure Do I want to meet?

Emmie And Penny got those right! (All of the above!)

What Is My Favorite Book?

Penny, Liz, Kaelyn, Sara, and rosy got it right! (Keeper of the lost cities)

What Is My Least Favorite Food?

Okay, these answers were pretty funny!

Cauliflower, says Penny. Um, actually cauliflower doesn’t taste! But really good guess!

broccoli, says Emmie. Oh my gosh! I love BROCCOLI! It tastes so good!Β Especially when its steamed and has cheese, butter, pepper and salt. YUM!

Peas, says Liz, Kaelyn, Sara . DING DING DING! I hate peas!

Sardines, Says Rebecca. Okay, I have never tasted them, but I’m pretty sure they taste like rotten milk left in the parking lot on forth of July.

Broccoli Soup, Says Rosy. I kinda don’t know what to think. XD

I do follow 212 sites? TRUE!

What do I do when no one is around? DANCE, I got answers like, sing, blog, play dolls (?), chew my fingernails.. *face palm*

My hair color: Blondish brown!

I think that covers it! Thanks again for coming!

Photography Contest

I’ve been wanting to host a photography contest for a long time now, and now I think is a good time! So, calling all photographers!

It will start on August 1st, and I hope to get atΒ leastΒ 7 participants! The prize will be a banner for your side bar, and a shout out on my blog!!

How It all works:

  1. Sign Up in the comments!( Continued later one) And I’ll put you in a team!
  2. Next week, I will post a theme (Hearing, prosper, scents, ect.)
  3. Take a picture of the thing you think has in common with the theme. (Scents, A Candle)
  4. Post your picture on your blog and display the Banner!
  5. The next week after that I will another post a theme, I will announce all the points, post everyone’s pictures, and then so forth for about one Month and 1 week.

Notes: There will be a deadline. If you don’t get your picture in by that time, I will give you 5 points, then move on. No one will be eliminated. I hate people’s feeling getting hurt.

Please be careful not to get any personal info into your pictures! (Mail box, people, places, road signs, ECT.)

Extra Points:

Not Cliche! Try to do something that is original. 3 Points!Β 

Making a Banner for every round. 4 points!

Making the post more than 100 words. Mega! Try to explain the picture and what it means. 6 points!

Β ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~Β 

Β The Teams Are:


Team Pretty Pencil


Team Reading Rocks


Team Paper Maker


How To Enter (Continued):

Comment your name, email, and what team you would like to be on. If we have to many people on one team then I might have to put you with another one. πŸ˜‰

I think that about covers it! I can’t wait to get started!

Good Luck!


521 words!


Photography Contest Picture / / Hosted By Cassia Elisabeth

Hello My Lovely ( Oh look! A red winged black bird! so pretty!) Followers!!! I am in a photo contest hosted by the beautifulΒ Β Cassia!Β  And today’s picture category is a coffee shop! So here is my picture!


This is such a cute coffee shop, we got cake balls, sweet tea, and my Mom got coffee.

There you have it!

See you soon for the next category!

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM
















My Entree For Lydia’s photography Contest!#4

hiya! SUPERCALLAFRAGALISTICASPIALLADOCIAS! It is the end of may! It feels like it just started yesterday….*starts having flashback**Cuts flashback short* oh, your still here… what was I talking about? *looks at title*Β Oh yeah….. Anyway! Here is my entree!

Lydia’s Photography Contest Picture

My Entree For Lydia’s Photography Contest #2

Lydia’s Photography Contest Picture #3


It gives meΒ JoyΒ that JESUS died on the cross for us so that way we can live with him forever and ever and ever! now that should bring all of you Joy too!




Lydia’s Photography Contest Picture #3

Hello! Right now I am at the beach, though this picture was taken at home, so Lydia, I hope you like my picture!




These Beautiful flowers Mom got for Mothers Day! They are so pretty!


Okie Doky! That looks about it! See ya soon!



P.S the beach is such a fun place! Hopefully it isn’t raining!

P.S.S i wrote this on the 23. i am still on hiatus. so if you comment, i will not be able to get back with you. πŸ˜‰



My Entree For Lydia’s Photography Contest #2

Hiya! This may be a little Late but as long as a submitted this I am sure it will be fine. πŸ˜‰

My last post about thisΒ Here


Anyway, here is my entree!(B.T.W, The category is comfort)


Books! Books make me feel so cozy and warm!Β  (this book is called “My New Best Friend”)


Hope You like my entree Lydia!




Lydia’s Photography Contest Picture

Hiya Gals!! I’m back!! As a said in aΒ Previous postΒ that I am going to be in a photography contest. So here is my first Picture!


No, I did not edit it, it’s just a filter.;)

Well, That’s it for today!