100 Christmas Gifts -:Day One:-

Hello! With the nearing Christmas season, it’s a little hard to know what to get someone. Especially if they already seem to haveΒ everything.Β Anything you pick up they probably already have one.Β  It seems like there’sΒ nothingΒ new. Or maybe it’s that they are really picky. And you can’t findΒ anything. All the sites you look at seem to only have junk that no one really wants.

Well here’s news for you.Β I’ve done it all Christmas shopping for you.Β 

Every day until December 16th I will post 10 Christmas Gifts a day. 10 genres.Β And since I know there are boys on that Christmas list too, I willΒ have to include them too.

So without further ado, the first genre,

Makeup Lover. She loves makeup, and she loves all things sparkly! (Sometimes) This is also good for any older sister you might have or a younger sister who is just starting out with Makeup.


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So? What do you think? Do you have any makeup lovers in your family? What should the next genre be?

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Hannah Snoke

And remember, no matter what you get them they are still going to love because it came from the heart. And they’ll also know that the greatest gift of all was given, and gift that money couldn’t buy.

Cheers to 2,000 years! XD