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Hello, Hello, HELLO! Welcome to Cool Cloud Design Co. ! If you would like me to design your blog (For free!) just fill out the form below and we can get started!




I have designed 4 whole blogs so far, one is mine (Here) and the other is Kaelyn’s blog which you can find here. My cousin’s blog, Here.  A blogger blog, here. And my sister’s blog, Here

Mary Elizabeth is amazing!!! If you need any sort of blog design or graphic design, go to her!!! She designed my blog for me and it was better then I ever thought it would be. It reached all of my expectations, actually even higher then what I expected. She is so nice, reliable, and really cares about how you want your design to look. 🙂  If you want a step-up in blog design, go to Mary Elizabeth!! 🙂


~Kaelyn (Simple Whole Blog Design Customer)
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Mary’s service is great! She can design really nice looking graphics and if you describe what you want, she can make something very close. She’s also very patient when telling her what you want. Now, I ended up using some of my own designs on my blog, but I have a few years of experience. I would definitely recommend using Mary’s service if you don’t have a lot of experience with WordPress. 5/5.
~ Diamond (Blog Button Customer)
She is so awesome! She knew exactly what I wanted, and it only took about 2 hours for her to get it done! She is quick and speedy, but her design is also very beautiful. I didn’t have a lot of expiriance, so her service was very helpfull. It was every thing I could imagine, and much, much, more! I would recomend to everyone who is looking for a chic and beautiful design!
~Kate (Simple whole blog design)
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And, I want to inform you that I do the best I can to deliver quality content with free graphics. That is why my designing is free. If there is a graphic with a price tag you want, you have 2 options (a) Find another graphic (b) move on with a watermark. I’m am so sorry for any inconveniences this may cause! 

Thank you for choosing me to design your blog!