About Me


My Name is Mary Elizabeth, but you can call me Mary E., Beth, Lizzy……

I’m 13 years old and my birthday is September 7th.

I live in LA, where my family and I  own 2 dogs, a Morkie and a Sheltie, and 3 horses, Baby Girl, Spirit, and Diamond.

I love to read, expect when forced. Then it’s a chore.

My favorite foods are hamburgers, beef stew, french fries, and chicken salad sandwiches on Hawaiian bread (yum!). I also like crawfish, red beans and rice and jambalaya!

I ride western on my horse Baby Girl and I ♥ the beach!

I also love to Ride on my brother’s ripstik.

Speaking of  my brother, I have 4 siblings, Kaitlyn (10), Samantha (19), Joshua (10), Brayden (15).  Yes, there’s a set of twins in my family! Sometimes I even forget they’re twins!

I guess that’s it. 😀

See ya later!

19 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m also 11! I have 12 chickens and no horses. No other animals but a dying hamster 😦 waah
    I have 2 siblings, and I’m the youngest ;( waah again! I LOVE READING! I totally agree that when forced it becomes a chore. EXACTLY!

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  2. I love your profile pic!! How did you make it?
    I took a Buzz quiz for which power I would have for KOTLC, and it said I was a telepath. 🙂
    And I love your power that you have!!
    My sister had the power of water when she took the quiz ! 😀


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