I Need Help!

Hello Friends! You may be confused about the title of this post, but of course as your friend I shall explain.

My birthday is September 7th.  As you may or may not know, I ❀ party planning. And this year is my 13th. So I know what your thinking. Or do I? I think I think what your thinking is what I am thinking but your thinking the same thing. Wait what? Anyway,

Thoughts: PARADISE!

YeAh that is what I thought too, except I have been faced with a dilemma. And its a big one.

I have 3 options on where to go for my birthday,

A. American Girl store in Houston!Β  I may even be able to meet a blogging friend!

B. Roller Skating birthday! Sounds like so much fun right!? Its also a classic.

C.Have an epic birthday party with all my friends and family!


Image result for WHICH ONE GIF


Also, do you think it’s to soon to be deciding this? I mean, its on September 7th. Then again I should chose now or it’ll be September 7th before I know it!

Also Ballet update:


Anyway, have fun helping me decide!


Whoops. πŸ˜›


9 thoughts on “I Need Help!

  1. Hi! These all sound so fun! You could mash the 2nd thing and the last thing together. I know you can have birthday parties at bowling alleys, so maybe you can have one in a rollerskating ring (I believe you call it). When I turned thirteen I just had a few of my friends over, and we sat around and did nothing. But it was still so much fun.

    -Liberty ❀

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