Twists And Turns Of Life| A Story

Hello Followers! This will be a new story Series, for a contest hosted by Rebecca at the Bloggers Project,Β Here. Hope You Enjoy!

The Next part will be on Friday- By The Way.

Life. It takes you on all kind of twists and turns. People, places, things, you never dreamed you would see. You thought you would never have to go on a mission to save a child from harm.Β 

That is what I though as well. This is my Story. By Me, Laura Stevens. Age: 19

It all happened, it was an early one Morning. I heard a ring on the Telephone in the kitchen. I slipped on my slippers grabbed my robe and ran to the Kitchen. “H-hello?” I answered with a stutter. AfraidΒ of who might be calling me this early. My mind started to wonder, Maybe someone was hurt, or even worst, killed. I gasped, and dropped the phone. Wait, I heard my mother’s voice. “Mom? Is that you?”Β  I was very Surprised, Since my Mom never Wakes up this early. “Yes Dear it’s me. A baby was dropped on my porch. I was out all night getting food for the child, and I didn’t get any sleep.” My mother answered. “And you woke up this early to tell me this?” “No, like I said I didn’t getΒ anyΒ sleep. I need you to come over and take care of her.” “Oh I’m sorry Mom, I’ll come over as soon as I can.” “Thank you dear” I then hang up. Looks like I’ll be a baby sitter today. I glanced at the calendar. June 4th, 1977.Β  I went to the TV and turned on the News, The TV blared,Β Roberto Rossellini, Italian film director, has passed on at age 71.Β I sighed. More Deaths. I went into my bedroom to get ready, then I headed out the door.

Well, hope you liked it!

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