Things I Love About Fall

Greetings My fellows!! Thy Ain’t sick Lad!! Why ever in your ever-loving mind have you thought such a thing!!

My turn!! Off you go crazy kat! (yes I know, that is a k!)

Hello!! Today, as you can tell by the post, I will be listing all the things I β™₯ about fall!! I shall began know!




Related image

Leaves!! Everybody Loves ’em! When ya see these, you’ll know it’s fall!


Image result for pumpkin spice candles

The smells!! Oh how wonderful! It’s like a dream!β™₯

Image result for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving!!! Ahh, What a great thought!! 15 days left!!!

Image result for thanksgiving day parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade!!! How wonderful!! My 2nd favorite part of thanksgiving!!Β  Isn’t it amazing how many years have gone by since the first thanksgiving day parade??

Related image

Ahhh, the pumpkin patch! I love going there during the fall!β™₯

AND, last butΒ certainly not least,

Image result for christmas

Here comes the holidays!!! Oh this is the best part!!!



Well, that seems to be it,



Maria, β™₯



P.s How Many hearts did I use in this post? Guess in your next post!


One thought on “Things I Love About Fall

  1. Great photos! Those are all things I like about fall too. Except for raking leaves we seem to have skipped from summer to winter here. I’m glad Halloween was pleasant weather. I’m looking forward to the Thanksgiving parade!

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