Collab With Kaitlyn!

Hello Loves!! Me and Kaitlyn are doing a collab based on us giving our blogs a refresh! Lets get started shall we? WE SHALL!




How did you make your blog design?

I did’t. Em And Syd did it @ Em and Syd in the sun.


What theme did you use to create your blog?

My theme is nucleare


What’s your favorite post you’ve posted so far?

Hmmm……. Probably “Poison Ivy!


Really random question, but why did you decide to show you face?

Well, you see, I thought people would like to know what I look like. So, oh, I dunno, if i randomly run into a blogger while going on vaca, she(or he)will know what I look like.


Why did you update your blog?

It really needed it!! And it seemed really common.


what is your favorite thing you updated?

Hmmm, the theme probably.



Okay Kaitlyn!! Now its your turn!!! Look out for Kaitlyn’s post onΒ her blog!!


Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM

P.S Be sure to check out Charis Rae’s GiveawayΒ Here!

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