The Packing Begins!

Hiya, Hello, Hola! I am going to the beach for vacation!!! *PlaysΒ Beach-y Music*. Oh I love the beach! I wanna make a post real quick! and, if any of you are going to the same beach as a am(at the same time!), I would LOVE to know(Just email me in the ContactΒ page!)! And so,Β THE PACKING BEGINS!Β 

But first, you can guess what beach I am going to!(Here)


OKAY! lets start with this post!


A full view ofΒ  what I will be packing!(not including the other things like PJ’s)


These are my shirts and shorts. a pineapple and palm tree shirt, A sleeveless shirt(one of my Favs) and aΒ SouvenirΒ  Shirt!(No, i am not going to Abercrombie. LOL). shorts that have braided pockets in the front, and pink shorts.


My super cute swim wear!


And now, my most favorite items!!



































































Aren’t They so cute!! the dress is from gap and the One piece is from Old Navy! Oh I just love them! the dress is perfect for putt-putt and Going out to eat!


I went ahead and folded them and put them in my bag,




Okay! That is about it! See ya soon!


>Do you like to go to the beach?

> What do you like to do?

>Do you know where I am going?

>Would you tell me where your going on Vacation?

>Please leave a comment!





11 thoughts on “The Packing Begins!

  1. I used to live where there was a beach (near Los Angeles) and I swear it is the thing I miss the most about California. There are beaches up here, yes, but they’re cold and rocky and no fun at all. 😦 Have fun!

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