Q&A With….. Me!



Hello All! Or, Hiya! As you can tell from the title I am doing a Q & A! Now we are going to need someΒ boundaries, or in other words, rules. ‘ Cause everybody needs ’em!


  1. Β Don’t ask any personal questions please!Lets keep that to limit shall we?
  2. Don’t ask questions like whats your favorite color.LOL
  3. Do Not Under any circumstances…. think this is boring. 
  4. I want silly questions plz!!
  5. I don’t have anymore rules!


O.K, I need somthing else to do…. Oh! conversion with my brain!

My Brain:Uh, no. That’s not going to work. And, if you did do that, what would we talk about??

True, but… we could talk about a post that someone made recently?



Actually, I suddenly have a craving for some cherry’s.

really?! Oh, well.


Anyone up for a collab with me??

anyone want me to shout out there blog?

or, wanna do a guest post??

Just comment down below!

And don’t forget about the Q & A!

See ya later!



19 thoughts on “Q&A With….. Me!

  1. Questions:
    1) If you could go to any AG store, what would it be?
    2) If you had 1,000 dollars to spend, what would you buy?
    3) If you had 1,000 dollars to spend, what would you buy that is AG-related?
    4) What is your favorite dog breed?
    5) What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?
    6) Do you like doing laundry?
    7) What would be your top 3 things to see in Paris?
    8) Fave dessert: ice cream, cake, chocolate, or cheesecake?
    9) If you could be any bird, which one would you be?
    10) If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you pick?
    11) Who is the author you would most want to sit down and have tea with?


  2. Questions:
    1) What is one place, if you had no other place to go, you would go?
    2) What is your favorite kind of dog?
    3) What is your favorite kind of candy?

    Also, I would love to do a collab with u!

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  3. A couple questions:

    1) When, and why did you start blogging?
    2) Who inspires you the most?
    3) What are your hobbies?
    4) If you had a million dollars, but you couldn’t spend it on yourself, who would you spend it on?
    5) What is your favorite drink, and why?

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  4. Hm, lemme think.
    1) What’s your favorite color?… No, just kidding… Let’s make this better! Pink with purple polkadots or green with yellow stripes??? Getting creative…
    2) Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries or Blackberries?
    3) Do you like bananas? If so, do you like them on the greener side, the browner side, or impossibly-perfectly yellow?
    4) If you could choose to live in an altered world for a day, would you choose to have everything to be upside down, or be able to fly?
    There we go! Random questions, I know… But those are so fun to answer in Q+As!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Funny we posted Q+As on the same day as each other, isn’t it?

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  5. Your opinions on pickles?
    Your favorite insult?
    Drought or flood?
    Spiders or snakes?
    have you ever been to new zealand?
    have you ever eaten a soufflΓ©?
    are my questions random? (that’s what I was going for XD)

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  6. Hi, Mary! I stumbled on your blog while reading the comments on Grace Helland’s Blog “Don’t You Know That I’m Singing.” I read your bio and have followed your blog, after I discovered how many things we have in common! Anyhow, have a wonderful day! It was great to make your acquaintance!

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  7. Here are my questions for you:
    1. Do you like The Lord of the Rings?
    2. What is your favorite book of the Bible?
    3. What is your favorite verse in the Bible?
    Now for some silly ones…
    4. Would you rather break your phone/computer or lose one thousand dollars?

    I can’t think of any more…

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