Aesthetic Tag

Hiya! Hello! Hola! I have been tagged byΒ KateΒ To do this tag! Hope you Like my aesthetics!


All pics from google

Rey from Star Wars:

I have no idea what i am doing. πŸ˜€

Mickey Mouse

MeraidaΒ Β 


O.K I tag…..





Your Characters are




Amelia Earhart


Hope You Liked this Post! Feel Free to do this tag!


P.S thanks for following my blog! And Look Out For More Exciting Posts!


5 thoughts on “Aesthetic Tag

    1. well, say, for mulan you would do a pic of a chinese house, a sword and a dragon. but there are other things you can add, but its just pictures that describe some one. you could also do quotes that they would of liked.

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