Poison Ivy!

I had poison ivy!! if you don’t know what it is, I took some pics up to show you.

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So, yeah. it really, REALLYΒ  Itches. AND it is on my hands and face, and on my lip. *like, say you brush up against something like a wall, it start itching, like, just a little, then it really starts to itch, so you sit on it, then you can’t take it anymore! you really start to itch, and itch, and itch, then before you know it, your doing the most weirdest things to itch it!(like using your pillow case). then you run to the bathroom and soak it under hot water. then it burns, and before know it, it starts to swell, and burn even more, plus itch even more, and you are going to yell!! then youΒ  squeeze a wash cloth. it starts to feel better, but it still itches, so you put cream on it. then you bundle up a paper towel and hold it in your hand. then you walk out the bathroom and your family is eating your favorite food, and you have a paper towel in your Right hand!!!* Sooo, yeah, this is what happens when you go out in too your poison ivy full field,Β TO PICK BLACK BERRYS WITH YOUR SISTER!!!Β Well kids hope you learned your lesson today! LOL.


Well Guess that’s all I can say for now…

See ya Later!


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