Guess What?


I got a laptop! So know I am writing this on the laptop! Wow, these keys are pretty. Oh ha, what does it look like you ask?

It’s rose gold and the keys are white! It’s an HP So I’m still figuring it out! Oooh! Now I can receive notifications for email! Be right back!

Done! What else can I do? Maybe I can add Grammarly! Ooh. But I don’t know how to do that.

One thing is for sure, I’m gonna do school on this. In my robe! (I hope)

Maybe I can write stories..


What in the world? I zoomed in. How do I zoom out?

Once in magical land, there was a wealthy troll who wanted revenge on the Cows. Because they stomped on his house oh so long ago. Little did he know the cows were planning a revenge on him. Turns out, the troll made a tunnel under his house, and his house caved in.

So they went to war. It was called,

‘The war of cow and troll.’

Actually, the trolls didn’t like that name. They called it:

‘The war of troll and cow.’

Not much different, but they liked it. The trolls decided it was time for the cows to stop building houses on there territory. And the cows had enough of….. Actually the house stomping was an accident, but he never said sorry. So they went to war.

The trolls had mud bombs.

They cows had horns.

After the trolls had seen there weapons, they decided to, uh, take an intermission. They decided that the horns had to go. So they called apon a wizard and the wizard said,

“No need to fight.”

So they came up with another plan. Spies. All the trolls had to do was….. um….Β  They didn’t know. Meanwhile at the battle field, spiders were migrating to the south, which ran right past the battlefield. The cows were scared. They ran away from the battle field vowing to never return. The trolls were still making up a way to get rid of there horns. Finally they decided to put a mattress on them so that way the cow couldn’t use them. when the trolls returned, they saw no cows in sight, only a note that said:

Dear Trolls,

We have ran away from the battlefield because….. Of the spiders that have taken over. We surrender. Let us sign a peace treaty. I will never come to your territory ever again. If you need to for any reason please send a letter. And get a passport to maybe.


Da cows

So all the trolls signed and sent it back to the cows. The leaders of The Cows And The Leader Of The Trolls (Aka, Brian & Jim) signed the last form of agreement. All the trolls had to get passports. And all the cows had to watch were they step. Then after years, and years of getting over the war, they decided to help each other. The trolls dug holes for the cows, and they dug streams. And helped to build roads. In return the cow gave them the things they farmed.Β  Carrots, beets, pumpkins, Tomatoes, green beans, grapes, lemons, oranges, and of coarse, some lavender. The trolls and cows lived happily ever after .

The End.

Wow, um, that was weird. Like, REALLY Weird.

Anyway, if you have any ideas on what to do with a laptop, let me know!


I Have 12% of a Plan Aesthetics / Diamond’s Blog Tour

Hey! This Is Mary and today I’m letting Diamond do a guest post on my blog for her super awesome blog tour! I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did!

~ Mary

Hello friends! It’s Diamond, and today I have something very special to share with you guys! Firstly, I recently launched my very own personal blog, I Have 12% of a Plan! If you haven’t checked that out yet, go right ahead! It isn’t much yet, but I have big plans.

Ok, so as you can probably guess, this post is part of the blog tour. I’ve been planning this blog tour for a while now, so I’m pretty pleased to see the product of all my hard work come together. Also, Mary even designed my blog button for me. Didn’t she do a great job?

For today’s post, I have some aesthetics that fit the theme of my blog. I got all these from Pinterest, and I’ll also be linking to the I Have 12% of a Plan board. My blog will be pretty random, so these aesthetics will also be pretty random. I hope you guys enjoy!

Now, here are some of my favorite pins, organized by themes.


For those of you who don’t know, my family has three dogs. The dog that I claim as my own is named Rocket. He’s a Chiweenie (half Chihuahua/half Dachshund) and he’s pretty adorable. Here’s a picture of him:


Now, there aren’t any pictures of him on my board, but there are some really adorable Dachshunds that I love! Here they are(again, I can’t claim credit for these):

Lil' Man


Another one of my many loves, is Marvel. It will be talked about a lot on my blog, so I’ve also included some Marvel pins. Capitã Marvel - Artista recria capa famosa dos quadrinhos inspirado em Brie Larson! - Legião dos HeróisLas mejores imÑgenes del CapitÑn América como fondo de pantalla en tus dispositivos | #UniversoMarvel #CapitanAmericaWhat is the first thing Groot will do after acquiring the Infinity Gauntlet? #groot #iamgroot #gotg #marvel #thanos #infinity #gaunletI am a Disney Princess unless Avengers need me head Mickey mouse shirt#wattpad #fanfiction Thanos estalou os dedos, transformando metade do universo em pó, literalmente. Isso trouxe grandes descobertas para todos, incluindo os Avengers, quando eles achavam que não tinham mais nenhuma chance de trazer todos de volta, uma garota nova em Nova York, Cassidy, aparece e prova para eles que ele... 54 Epic Marvel Memes That Are Too Funniest to Laugh -47

Star Wars

Another thing that I like(though not nearly as much as Marvel XD) is Star Wars. You might see some Star Wars themed posts pop up every now and then.


Oh yeah, here’s another one. I live fairly close to Disney World, so you can expect quite a few posts about Disney World and various Disney movies. (If you can’t tell from the board, Stitch is my favorite)

Related imageSome of my Disney mementos. Ҝ¨Ò€ï¸Òœ¨ Who else has a collection of Disney kee... - #collection #Disney #kee #mementos

Bullet Journal

I started bullet journaling about a year ago, and I love it! I’m hoping to post tutorials on my blog.

GUDETAMA STUDIES Ҁ” beverlymarshs: [3.11] fold the map and mind the...emma's studyblr Ҁ” studyinginstyle: Savoring my last few days of...Bullet Journal Spreads | A bullet journal is a personal tool that can be used to organize your life. Find out what a bullet journal is and learn 5 ways to use bullet journal spreads to organize your life. #bulletjournal #bulletjournalideas #planners #bulletjournalspreads #bulletjournaltrackers #healthywealthyskinny #HWS


Music is a huge part of my life, and I’ll likely be sharing some of my music taste on my blog.

This is so true! There is one song that comes on the radio, and all these memories start pouring in!Sometimes its best just to shut the world out and immerse yourself in the music! ҙ«Ò™Βͺyasss #tumblr #grunge #photography More


Like I hinted at earlier, I travel a lot, and I love it! I will definitely post about traveling on my blog.

10 Best Vacation Spots If Your Missing The Warm Weather #vacation #getawayI Traveled for 50+ Days Last Year and This Is What I Learned | The Everygirl Travel Decor, Travel The World Map Art, World Poster, Wanderlust, World TravelҀ¦


Also, in case you haven’t visited my blog yet, the theme is galaxy based. I think it looks really nice.

The plans would alteration as well, and the shared dream catcher designs thatҀ¦ Over the galaxy of Aurora Lion #aurora #galaxyPink and Blue Magical Galaxy Star Unicode Photography Backdrop J-0373

Follow the Tour!

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Untitled design (2)

REMEMBER BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE β€” The Peculiar Messenger

REMEMBER. Whether you are an American and are mourning the tragedy that occurred on 9/11/01, or you live in another country and this event is foreign to you, I encourage us all to take a day and remember our pasts. History is weighed heavy with tragedies… most of them so β€œfar away” we grow numbΒ […] […]

Swaygirls Stickers | Review & GIVEAWAY

Hey! You should really check out this giveaway hosted by Laura! It’s so cute!

Lula Boo

Happy National CherryTurnoversDay!

I’d like to start this post with a huge thanks to the amazing Swaygirls Etsy shop! They sell super cute stickers that I’m so excited to show to y’all. πŸ˜€

The order included this super cute and sweet note from Shannon, the owner of the shop!

These stickers are so pretty and very high quality!

This one is so cute! ❀

❀ ❀ ❀

You can go check Swaygirls out on Instagram and Facebook!

I love this one!

These stickers would look great on a computer, water bottle, or phone case. They’re also easy to mail, making them great gifts for pen pals! πŸ˜€

This one is my FAVORITE. ❀ It’s so beautiful and amazing!

Good news – you can enter to win all of these gorgeous stickers! Just fill out the form below to be entered into the giveaway, which closes on September 16th…

View original post 43 more words

Cool Cloud Design CO. Blog Tour!

Hey Hey Hey! Welcome back to the tiny little corner of the internet, which is filled with spider webs and dust bunnies. *Sighs* Have I been productive lately? Um… Sure? Yeah no. *looks at robe* Anyway, this post isn’t about me. It’s about the cool cloud! Heh, yeah let me be more specific.

cool cloud design co.

Okay that’s better. If you’ve been to my blog recently, you might have seen the ‘My Blog Design Page’.

Yeah and you all just went to my blog to check it out.

You just made a face.

now your tilting your head.

now your laughing.

Whoops sorry this is getting creepy.

you smiled.

Okay, okay I’ll stop now. If you noticed, it really doesn’t have a name. Just, ‘My blog design’. Wow no wonder nobody wanted me to design their blog.Β way to go Mary.Β  And so now it’s official.

We are open for business!

Image result for grand opening gif

Whoop Whoop! Yeah!

Okay now it’s time for da blog tour!

Details People!:

Starting on the 14th, I’ll go to a blog (yours maybe!) And say your a doll blogger. I can design sign offs for your dolls! You don’tΒ HAVEΒ use them, I’ll just make your dolls name. OR I can make anything you like. Or we can do an interview. Anything will be fine.

Tour Days:

September 14th, kick off! And Diamond’s Guest Post

September 15th,Β open!

September 18th,Β Open

September 21st,Β o-p-e-n

September 22nd,Β 0pen

September 25th,Β Open

September 28th – Blogger appreciation Day (Put it on your calender!)Β 

Septmber 29th-Β Open

September 30th- Closing Day.Β 

That seems to be it! If you have any questions feel free to put them in the comments!