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hi gals!!  I’ll be taking a 4 day hiatus because we are going camping!! Anyway, too make this post less short, i’ll show some seen-before pics!!



Things I Love About Fall

Greetings My fellows!! Thy Ain’t sick Lad!! Why ever in your ever-loving mind have you thought such a thing!!

My turn!! Off you go crazy kat! (yes I know, that is a k!)

Hello!! Today, as you can tell by the post, I will be listing all the things I ♥ about fall!! I shall began know!




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Leaves!! Everybody Loves ’em! When ya see these, you’ll know it’s fall!


Image result for pumpkin spice candles

The smells!! Oh how wonderful! It’s like a dream!♥

Image result for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving!!! Ahh, What a great thought!! 15 days left!!!

Image result for thanksgiving day parade

Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade!!! How wonderful!! My 2nd favorite part of thanksgiving!!  Isn’t it amazing how many years have gone by since the first thanksgiving day parade??

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Ahhh, the pumpkin patch! I love going there during the fall!♥

AND, last but certainly not least,

Image result for christmas

Here comes the holidays!!! Oh this is the best part!!!



Well, that seems to be it,


Maria, ♥



P.s How Many hearts did I use in this post? Guess in your next post!


My Dream Business! / / A REAL Post

Hello My Wonders!!!! As You Have Guessed from the Post title, I will be post about my dream business! And that will be…. Drum Roll please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A coffee shop/ Book Store! Yes I know, it may sound average and  unbelievably impossible, but I have a dream and I will stick too it!! LOL. #everygirlsaysthis


How else should I show you but with pictures??? Let the Dreams Begin!

(all images found from google)



Image result for cozy coffee shop

I love the stools and the wooden bar…… The the menu is super cool too. I also Like the counter tops. I think the color scheme here is amazing as well. And the floors are nice too.

Image result for cozy coffee shop

Okay, I am getting a tinsey-bit carried away, but wouldn’t this be super cool??  I do not like high ceilings,  but the  different level for the seating is cool.(I think this place was on a hallmark movie one time too)

Image result for cozy coffee shop

this would be a neat during the holidays.

Image result for cozy coffee shop

Yes!!! I love Everything about this!!! The brick, the wood, the counter tops!!

Image result for cozy coffee shop bookstore ideas

I like the floor plan of this place, Especially where the books are.


Image result for cozy coffee shop bookstore ideas fireplace

I would like this to be the fireplace and maybe book-shelves on each side, and the tables in the middle and the bar on the wall. And Maybe a painting above the fireplace.

Image result for cozy coffee shop bookstore ideas

Yassssssss!! Just…..*Puts hand over face*. Beautiful. *tears up*


Image result for coffee shop ideas

I reallyyyy like this set up… I wish there was a fireplace though.


Now for some simple ideas…..


Image result for farmhouse lighting

I would like this to be the lighting.. Or maybe the one below.

Related image

Image result for beadboard coffee shop

This would be cute… But, how would that go with bricks???? No bricks.

Related image

Cool stool right? But for People who would rather cushions…..

Related image

Then you could put a throw pillow with a coffee saying on it.



Related image

Image result for black color

Image result for brown color

Related image



Well, That should be it! I hope you liked this post!!

Bye Friends!!

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P.S Whats your dream Business?




Hiatus……….. :( // :)

Hello…. (sighs) Yes! Tis’ is true! I will be taking a month long hiatus! (sooo sad…..) And so, I am here to inform you…….*crys* I really need this… so it is happy/sad… I might get on but…….. I do have a scheduled post coming up… And the rest of this post will be some never seen before Pictures…*everyone dies*  sorry, I know, that photography contest wore you out right??? Lol, But seriously, I’ll be back before you know it!!  And before we move on, My sister know has a blog, and she is about to give up because she has no followers…(And apparently I am the reason for that!!) So, here is the link too her blog!



And know, we have to begin..


IMG_2585 (1)





Well…. That should be it!! I’ll see you on September 1st!!!!!!!!!!



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Pros And Cons Of Having Chickens

Hey Loves! Here is a post I have been wanting to do for a long time now. Mostly because it will be funny and because you may be able to relate. I know a bunch of bloggers that have chickens. And if you don’t have chickens, maybe you will consider getting some! Lets get on with the Post shall we?? WE SHALL!


Here is how it works, I am going to 3 pros and 3 cons about having chickens! An easy and simple post to read right?? Great then! Lets get started!


Pro #1: There so sweet!

I love chickens, they cluck cluck. And slowly walk. And peck, and they run… Chicks are very cute too. They are very peaceful.

Con #1: The Smell

The chicken coop. In the summer, it smells horrible! It is disgusting!(It is literately hot poo)

Pro #2 : Eggs

Eggs!! There organic! Who doesn’t like organic eggs? *weird kid raises hand* *cricket cricket*

Con #2: Chores

Great. Just Great. More Chores. And smelly ones too… *Yuck* *ewww*

Pro #3: Bye Bye Bugs!!!

Don’t have to worry ’bout getting to your garden!! Those chickens eat anything in there path!


Con #3: The world Is They’re Toilet

They Poo everywhere!! Since we free range our chickens they get too poo wherever they  like. Ew.


Well. Guess that is all for this post! Comment down bellow if you can relate too any of these!




Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM

And a never seen before pic for good luck!


(No camera needed)


Photography Contest Picture / / Hosted By Cassia Elisabeth

Hello My Lovely ( Oh look! A red winged black bird! so pretty!) Followers!!! I am in a photo contest hosted by the beautiful  Cassia!  And today’s picture category is a coffee shop! So here is my picture!


This is such a cute coffee shop, we got cake balls, sweet tea, and my Mom got coffee.

There you have it!

See you soon for the next category!

Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM
















Camp Photo Dump

Hello Loves! Happy Friday!!! Hope this Ain’t the last day of freedom for y’all. ’cause I start school in mid to late September. WHOOP WHOOP!! Anyway, here is an Camp photo dump! Enjoy! (Yeah, I gave up on “Shall we?)





So, there you have it!!! Just a bunch of pictures!! Or is it?????? Never mind, Hope you liked my pictures!!!


Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.51.37 PM


P.S If this is’t enough, you can check out my new pages. *Wink Wink*